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Procurement control of restaurant goods and materials
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One, the main content of procurement control
(one) the goods and materials of all business activity needs serious analysis restaurant, according to market recent situation, science purchases the sort of goods and materials and amount certainly reasonably.
(2) according to restaurant each business section is opposite the quality demand of goods and materials and price demand, choose most appropriate supplier, order goods in time or purchase directly.
(3) control purchases mobile whole process, jam the exists possibly management flaw in every link, make goods and materials is purchased by qualitative, ad valorem, reach the designated position on time.
(4) make the close program that purchases all sorts of goods and materials, formalities and system, make link of control job annulus significant.
(5) make and appropriate is custodial with the supplier between trade contract, make sure the contract is lawful and active and advantageous to restaurant.
(6) assist financial department to do good restaurant to liquidate the job to the supplier's loan.
Pass afore-mentioned courses, the goal that place of procurement control work should achieve is: 1, safeguard furnishs. 2, the smallest investment. 3, quality of optimal goods and materials. 4, only material cost of lowest. 5, in the as most favorable as him establish in association process of the supplier competition position.
2, the work out purchases a plan
(one) the branch reports a plan
(2) purchase ministry pool
(3) finance affairs is examined and approve
(4) general manager is examined and approve
3, purchase the price to compare
(one) the value is relative principle:
1, opposite lowest principle.
2, principle of quality of goods and materials.
3, supplier credit principle.
(2) the value is relative program
1, establish highest price fixing.
2, estimation lays square lowest price limit.
3, mix in supplier lowest price limit restaurant is highest bear ability this interval, combine the element such as quality, fix the maximum price that restaurant is willing to pay.
(3) the measure that gets good price and way
1, make full use of company image capital.
2, center batch to order goods.
3, the collection that notices message and analysis, the choice purchases an opportunity appropriately.
4, establish contract of long-term purchase and sale.
5, reduce middleman, direct replenish onr's stock.
6, the terms of payment with appropriate choice.
7, undertake negotiating with the supplier, the ask a price that carries rich skill comes the quote of depress supplier.
8, search appropriate substitute.
4, choose terms of payment
5, choose a supplier
(one) the principle that chooses a supplier: Equal, open, extensive principle.
(2) the way of correct principle supplier:
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