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Management of storage of restaurant goods and materials and extend management
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One, the object of storage management The great majority material that restaurant place wants needs storage, do well the main job that storage management is restaurant handling of goods, but partial goods and materials can not need storage management, be like: Fresh vegetables of kind of goods and materials, new provision, fruit and operation tool. 2, the task of storage management The task of storehouse management is to be restaurant to manage normal movement of the activity to offer reliable goods and materials to supply, make sure goods and materials is not in short supply, not keep long in stock, not damaged, not degenerative. 3, the content that storehouse government works

Goods and materials is checked and accept and do check and accept a record

Send appropriate storehouse goods and materials, be an upright person the library records ↓

Weave freight lot codes, setting inventory gets stuck, do amount of good goods and materials and positional record ↓

Classification is arranged, science maintains goods ↓

Fixed check, do fine reserve account

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Extend by the regulation goods, make record of good delivery of cargo from storage

(one) site of proper arrangement storage 1, goods and materials is oriented principle 2, principle of nearby choosing library (2) put in storage is deposited 1, economy is sound principle 2, the technology is sound principle 3, convenient check the number, take inventory (3) goods and materials is custodial Requirement 5 protect: Maintain a volume, maintain qualitative, security personnel complete, keep cost, protect urgent need 3 change: Storehouse standardization, maintain often change, deposit seriation. 1, assure an amount Assure amount of goods and materials to go up intact, breed is not promiscuous. 2, assure quality Assure the method of a few effective of quality: The first-in first-out, storage environment that keeps good, conserve management that strengthens storage goods and materials, inspection that makes fine stock goods and materials works. 4, storage financial management The purpose is improve storage management efficiency with the smallest expenditure, managing storage cost. (one) storage financial management is all is in library goods and materials builds card, Zhang, establish account Wu system, the case of going from place to place that records goods and materials and in library circumstance. (2) inventory check is accurate make a thorough investigation of the number in library goods and materials, quality, ensure the safety of goods and materials, provide the basis that purchase. Constant in order to leaves way:
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