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Article of financial department storeroom runs system and program
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Archives name: Effective date: Policy number: Modification date: Branch: Financial department approves: General manager theme: Storeroom article runs system and programPolicy This is the storeroom government policy of *** restaurant. This policy is to make sure restaurant is normal operation, implementation reduces the goal of stock cost, managing capital, the sort that requirement storeroom personnel tastes in the belongings of storehouse to storing, amount and price have strict control, to storeroom article close, hair, get, retreat reach discard as useless the system that has administrative strictly. Purpose The goal that makes this policy is to make sure of all kinds article has enough supply, avoid keep long in stock, reduce cost, managing capital. Program one, storeroom receives money 1, storehouse keeper gets goods through accepting goods ministry. 2, every pieces of report receiving money must approve goods to answer relatively with every. 3, storehouse keeper must the amount of serious check goods, check with report receiving money, check sign to get goods with expressing to affirm on report receiving money after conform to, if encounter record receiving money and storehouse record to not agree with, the member that must inform consignee in time is solved till the problem. 4, has signed report receiving money, among them one couplet protects existence storehouse keeper put in storage regards as credential in the hand. 5, the place that article guarantees existence to appoint, storehouse keeper is adjusted instantly " BIN-CARD " , the amount that makes a record go up with showing report receiving money on report receiving money already was gone to by the record " BIN-CARD " on. 6, the job is over one day, staff of department receiving money a day " total library receives goods to record day of forms for reporting statistics " Xerox turns to storehouse keeper. 7, storehouse keeper is checked whether that day receive goods to be recorded in receiving money daily paper to express, the deputy couplet of all reports receiving money in handle increases a number, contrast with forms for reporting statistics. 8, if the record is abhorrent, storehouse keeper should adjust inventory card. In restaurant, long-term system should use report to calculate change. Theme: Storeroom article manages system and program effective date: 9, from running goods in stock of sectional go back is unallowed, unless the approval of financial manager and general manager agrees, only the project of goods in stock of storeroom just allows go back to arrive storeroom. 2, storeroom establishment 1, all storeroom must be locked up fully, must have locked up when delivering goods. 2, be like a likelihood, avoid to use external the establishment of storehouse establishment and further from restaurant place. 3, storeroom establishment should be pressed relevant be protected stock value and operational convenience will use and allocate. 4, the establishment of storeroom should have proper temperature and temperature control equipment to assure an environment, fit the need of storeroom. [The establishment of Page] 5, storeroom should have proper lamplight and ventilated system, want to pay close attention to aspergillum, fire extinguisher and catching area particularly. 3, the key is controlled 1, allow a key only current use, another should be withheld in financial manager hand with equipment urgent need. 2, all keys should be stuck have ticket. 3, after it is good to be locked up when storeroom, all keys should be sealed in an envelope, put advanced stage receiver to be in. 4, sign by general manager the can lead the key personnel list of accredit, want to withhold advanced stage to be in, all keys extend to the personnel on list only. 5, minute book should save advanced stage, the lot that records the key goes into the autograph, each must have two to sign to – – gets key person or remand the person of the key, receiver or nocturnal careful are received or extend person. 6, to make sure storeroom is safe, the lock of storeroom door should change regularly. 4, inventory goods receives price the unit price of project of all goods in stock (cost) should notice the following: 1, goods in stock ought to register enter an item in an account according to real cost
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