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Goods and materials collects overview of the branch that offer a ministry
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Goods and materials is collected fall in the leader of plan money chief inspector for the ministry, accept plan money ministry supervise, examination, execute sectional manager to be in charge of making, set dietary raw material to purchase director, goods and materials be in charge of and raise carry person in charge.
Goods and materials purchases Ministry of Supply is responsible hotel all goods and materials purchase supplied function section, its purchase limits to basically have: Dietary raw material, tableware, wine is provided, smoke wine, guest room uses the about 2000 many variety such as things of furniture of things of running stores, display, needle cotton goods, clean things, presswork, mechanical equipment, carpentry, other appliance, office, stationery, flowers.
The administrator is harmonious, control stock jointly, strictly, ensure already supply, reasonable use capital.
Goods and materials is collected be in for the ministry execute purchase plan management and inventory norm management while, carry out goods strictly to compare 3, as far as possible according to " make sure quality requirement, nearby is purchased, group by group replenish onr's stock, reasonable reserve, " principle, make each goods that purchase can accord with a hotel to serve level and demand already, can reduce again purchase charge and inventory goods and materials to capital take up, achieve the goal that reduces cost thereby.
In the meantime, goods and materials collects the function that offer a ministry: Press on one hand qualitative, by quantity, on time contented hotel departmental door is opposite the demand of of all kinds goods and materials; On the other hand, use sectional service actively for goods and materials, develop market of supply of goods actively, understanding market is of all kinds the new breed of goods and materials, recommend actively to use branch, had become the staff officer of use branch.

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