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Talk accountant diaphaneity 2
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3, accountant diaphaneity: A kind of system is analysed
The accountant information that seeks tall diaphaneity has cost to also have beneficial result already. To cost of tall diaphaneity fiscal and benefit analysis, but from a country (area) the administrative levels that integral level and single company differ twice undertakes. Among them, the accountant diaphaneity of level of whole of a country, basically depend on should the perfect level that congress plan criterion reachs relevant law, code to wait; The accountant diaphaneity of single company, criterion more of pair of accounting standard of hang on enterprise abide by and announce of one's own accord.
The research report that Pu Huayong discovers, a country (area) the existence is immediate impact between diaphaneity and its capital cost, diaphaneity is taller, its capital cost is lower. For instance, with diaphaneity highest Singapore and United States are consult, the China of lowest of the diaphaneity that be labelled, its are average capital cost wants tall 13 · 16% ; Russian average capital cost is high 12 · 25% . FASB " improve an enterprise to report " also think, accountant diaphaneity and average capital cost are having direct correlation. From the point of international limits, what as capital person of the flow that cross a state is an obstacle is progressively decrease, the rate that international capital flows is rapidder and rapidder. And the sex that pursue interest is the principal motivation that capital crosses a country to flow, an opaque market, its want relatively to the appeal of international capital low. Or, the cost that this one market gains the sth used to one's own advantage that cross a state wants relatively tall. From the point of this one angle, the accountant information of tall diaphaneity, become a when compete each other with market of prospective international capital currently important facet. American negotiable securities trades committee urges standard of high quality accounting energetically in recent years, its intention ought to depend on this.
Contracted theory thinks, the enterprise is a series of contracted coupling. Of all sorts of bond that hold together enterprise exists conclude, carry out with supervise, in quite accountant information is depended on on degree. With the basiccest bond -- the enterprise is possessory it is with the bond between operator exemple, this kind of bond is sure in quite accountant information is involved on degree. As a result of possessory once the company of together with of day-to-day management; that does not enlist a company normally attains certain scale hind, management activity link is many, opaque spend heighten; in addition, exterior market environment is complex and changeful, all these is brought about possessory with operator between serious information asymmetry. Perhaps say, right possessory and character, information is opaque rate is higher. Possessory afraid operator can be adopted " opportunistic " behavior will harm its interest, and rational economy person make clear, this kind " opportunistic " behavior always is in happen. On an efficient manager market, operator lives to protect oneself position, must want to let client believe he won't be adopted " opportunistic " behavior. Believe to take at possessory, they are had provide accountant information actively, in order to raise the diaphaneity, motive that lowers rate of accountant information asymmetry. Practice makes clear,
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