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Exterior behavior environment and accounting profession morality build the accou
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3.5 improve quality of accounting personnel whole, reasonable configuration qualified personnel of accounting of each administrative levels.
The demand of qualified personnel of accounting of high quality of 3.5.1 pairs of high administrative levels increases ceaselessly.
As the full-scale development of economy of our country market, people also had very big change subsequently to the evaluation standard of treasurer action. "Simple minded " , " obedient model " treasurer action loses its morality value gradually, "Innovation " what treasurer action gets a society stage by stage is extensive approbate and praise. Because,this is, accounting personnel is participated in business management and decision-making, take on the give advice of the enterprise and supervisor, its " management " , " supervise " function is replaced gradually " charge to an account " function and become its are main function. But " innovate " not be every accounting personnel can be accomplished. As a result of,this is although amount of personnel of our country accounting is much, overall quality however on the low side, the course is normal, the number that systematic accounting teachs is too little. Have a misunderstanding it seems that socially, think to want account of literacy, meeting to be able to be become only accountant. We can have a look at some accountant to groom the recruit students general rules of the unit: The personnel that the on-the-job personnel that every has rate of literacy of high school above or the same educational level, off-duty workers and youth waiting for employment, preparation is engaged in an accountant working and the on-the-job accountant that did not obtain evidence of accountant mount guard all can sign up... of recruit students limits wide, take second place of layer of record of formal schooling of source of student is uneven be clearly. These courses are short-term " force-feed duck type " groomed student majority is sciolistic to accounting professional work, be on accountant post to be able to handle the work in the future already not easy, where to still talk to go up development innovation? Do not deny certain person of course can more and more skilled to business, but it is skilled merely, can be place footfall goes only, tool of appropriative charge to an account just. Want to go up to be stridden ahead in skilled foundation farther, must want to adequate knowledge is accumulated, should pass a system, professional training. Improve quality of accounting personnel whole imperative. But regretful is, the system of accountant appoint to a position of our country and cadre appoint system are very similar, it is to be able to go up cannot fall, unless break the law badly. Be this kind of mechanism that lacks competition, cause accounting profession good and evil people mixed up, the person that need from Gan Jiyong, need not worry to be washed out. Outstanding talent hits a bell one day when a day of bonze, show itself very hard.