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Hotel " high tension line " shallow talk
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The high tension line points to high-pressured electrical wiring, because of its the awe-stricken sex with make people came into being voltage is tall and certain is mixed cannot touch a gender. And will " high tension line " one word introduces in hotel management, can understand for: Should not touch in the hotel, the problem that cannot disobey, and once disobey,will get extremely severe penalty.
Although touch,will suffer however punish severely, still many people are in press with trying personally; Not long ago " young times " the Hangzhou of exposure total stage of hotel of some star class the staff member cooperates with to the director from employee filch hotel belongings is amounted to one, and lasted a few years time; Solid for astonishing, giving a hotel administrator also is a warning.
The author thinks to touch in what hotel middling sees " high tension line " the problem basically includes the following fields:
1, problem of downstage account Wu
Room of ① work off not enter an item in an account, computer does not do C/I processing, expend the room income glom on to; This kind of circumstance is being hired as day especially (manual room is expended) of processing a long time possibility of room, time room is larger;
② before dawn 06: 00 before the room that did not book direct C/I, domiciliary run is not made instantly on computer, and when 06: 00 later redo C/I, make thereby 06: 00 a day of room expends guest payable before or a long time room cost returns for oneself all;
③ makes work with total value or tall discount the room with the guest, and with inferior discount computer of the Wu that make account book is registered, and the glom on to of discount price difference among; This kind of circumstance is during holiday or the situation with relatively tight room issues easy happening;
④ is the bequeath money of settle accounts more for long to the guest, do processing and possess oneself of;
⑤ does the assurance of guaranty to order lodger person to did not arrive with cash, direct room subscription possess oneself of;
The implements that ⑥ damages in the room to the guest or takes away, the guest already recouped cost and downstage personnel receiving silver does not do compensatory enter an item in an account to handle, after the event asks corresponding administrator to sign sheet to do not compensate processing, and have damage with oneself directly;
⑦ total stage receives silver-colored personnel not to need the guest for long long him fund that seek to have;
Above gives priority to the issue that wants likelihood happening, should return existence other case of course; And problem of downstage account Wu is major by a few dest clerk between, the person that dest clerk reachs downstage low level management with the member that receive silver cooperates each other and happen.
2, problem of other account Wu
The goods that ① business point sells does not make a record; In old hall, the place such as bazaar is easy happen;
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