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The economics of sincere letter problem ponders over the accountant 1
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On natural economy and traditional culture level, sincere letter is the core of moral culture, those who emphasize is accomplishment of immanent moral character, of pursuit is character exalted, the state is great, more the pursuit of respect of side overweight spirit. In Chinese traditional culture, "2 words of sincere letter " have all in all weight. "Loyally " of ceremony wisdom letter is the code of conduct that people is advocated and do one's best observes. It is early more than 2000 years ago, confucius has said: "Person and without the letter, sealed its but also. "Say again: "Letter criterion person holds the post of Yan " . Xun Zi thinks: "Raise a heart to not be good at sincere " . Father also regards the important criterion of life behavior as sincere letter: "Light Nuo needs few is believed, need much more easily much more difficult " , village " this true " interprets good faith extremely to. The treatise of philosopher of these sages and men of virtue, vivid the value in showing sincere letter looks in Chinese heart and position. At that time socioeconomy is in natural economy condition, below the condition that is main production means with autarky, market society is underdeveloped, sincere letter more stays in degree of " of self-discipline of " self-communion " , " . Accordingly, heavy farming small business, heavy justice small profit is his main feature, the form of sincere letter and content are simpler. But the circumstance nowadays is disparate, sincere letter problem never resembles the accountant be being contacted with actual loaves and fishes so today so close together.
Accountant the requirement that sincere letter is market economy
To how establishing the understanding of market system we are very finite, it is book learning mostly, through practice of nearly 20 years, make we knew build market system the most essential is two: It is " property right makes clear " , property right is ambiguous cannot exchange, resource optimizes configuration to cannot come true; 2 it is " exchange must equal, freewill, did not cheat " , if not freewill, imparity, not sincere letter, the market can provide wrong signal, resource optimizes configuration to also cannot come true. If cannot realize resource optimize configuration, we do the purpose of market system to do not have implementation, the advantage of market system also was done not have. Accordingly, do not get cheat, be particular about sincere letter, it is one of fundamental conditions that build market system.
1, resource of morality of sincere letter since, it is economic resource
Below market economy condition, resource of morality of sincere letter since, it is economic resource, sincere letter trades in safeguard main effect is had in on the rails. After entering market economy, the refine and exchanges means development that the society divides the work, people is very difficult again vacillate at socioeconomy besides, and had more apparent sociality and actuality. Sincere letter also was gifted more corporeal content, from morality pursuit enters corporeal life field. Concept of this kind of sincere letter drove economic progress and social progress. If the sincere letter of traditional culture emphasizes " self-denying answer ceremony " , so contemporary sincere letter emphasizes " of " mutual benefit and " double win " . Accordingly, sincere letter looks in ethnics home is moral resource, looking in economist is economic resource, it is the base that market economy runs normally. In economic activity, if morality is short of,break, credit is destroyed, can cause market order disorder, trade chain is interrupted. On the link that commodity is produced and exchanges, production, carry, tick, tick exist entrust a representative to concern. Any link makes mistake, make trade chain is interrupted. If regard market economy as the bank of core, credit is the base that its expand. Leave credit, finance of etc of stock, bond derives a tool to also cannot develop. And market economy grows more, the effect of sincere letter is mainer.
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