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Today experience the ugly one side of famous restaurant side the west lake
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Of short duration sows journalist without brief introduction: Calf daily

Calf daily: The ugly one side of famous restaurant side the west lake

The famous restaurant of west lake edge owed property to expend, today, the staff member of property company comes to come the charge that collection place owes, produced the bill that two managers already signed this inn, the person that can collect fees before the cashier is right says: I am not clear, wait for financial manager to come back you come again.

The staff member that collects property fee says: Actually property company hopes you
Can hand in property to expend every year... did not wait say, the cashier cries: Do not take policy code to press me, I do not know! I do not understand put oneself in another's position of this kind of issue! The member that call up an inn the article in next, below the situation that that person also does not understand in what, take off a mouth to say: What property company, your what thing also was not done will collect fees, receive money pretty diligent, what did you do?

After the staff member of property company said working content, that article member face about went. The cashier sees helping talker go, flat also did not talk. Next, the staff member of property company says: That asks you to give us your connection telephone call, financial room should be wanted on the telephone, we are contacted with you again... did not wait again say, the cashier cries again: Should? Do not have on this world should thing, you say should, that pron yourselves goes thinking way, my whats do not know, you come again next week!

I am a foreigner, come to Hangzhou before long, can work to feel very happy originally here, everything what what can see today, let me feel regretful.

Go to work together with such group, although be old hotel, but I still feel regretful. The city with so beautiful Hangzhou, so famous restaurant, how can you have such stuff? I began be ashamed to work at be here...

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