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Worker of a gleam of of desert river forestry lives on " guesthouse of movable t
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Of short duration does not have northeast net of brief introduction   official a few days ago investment will use the car of exercise of travel of forest of new-style movable type of research and development of county of electric desert river on October 20. This car can hold the 8 work to 12 people group use. Its development is successful, improved production of worker of hill field a gleam of, surroundings thoroughly, be called by the worker " guesthouse of movable type family " .

Main body of car of exercise of travel of forest of this kind of movable type uses wooden structure, added prevent cold material, car window is model steel window, have good heat preservation performance. Exercise car cent accuses room, accommodation to hold, the 5 parts such as dining-room, toilet, kitchen, added damping system, drawing style system, power supply system, water at the same time warm establishment, prevent cold door to fight, fold type garage, 2 logging vehicle can be held most inside garage, whole operation appearance of vehicle is beautiful, practical, heat preservation, mobile, convenient at an organic whole.

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