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High-grade guesthouse rejects to safety is covered even if do not know no matter
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Of short duration will report on October 19 without Oriental net of brief introduction   : Family planning of population of Shanghai Pudong new developed area appoint house of free Xiang Bin, sufficient bath and hairdressing beautify hair wait for communal public place of entertainment to extend bring complete set, but the unit of 40% gives with all sorts of reason,refuse, especially the high-grade guesthouse of class of a few 5 stars. To this, family planning of population of Pudong new developed area appoint express, a few righter reject to install complete set freely to wait for a place into the sufficient bath inside, guesthouse, concerned branch still will be coordinated further.
Family planning appoint extend freely safety is covered is an exquisite healthful new move, can prevent effectively venereal happening and spread, those who be helpful for masses is healthy, behoove is welcomed generally to just be opposite. But, why so much unit refuses actually? Because most high-grade guesthouse thinks use safety is covered is behavior of a kind of privacy, if was installed inside inn,make work automatically free perhaps security covers a plane, this can affect reputation on certain level, cause undesirable effect, so they cover security close the door on.

Saying path: "Mistake a good man for a bad one -- do not know good person heart. " high-grade guesthouse serves as communal public place of entertainment, it is to walk the street go whoring to send a place more, venereal virus is more, the passenger of accommodation is infected likely carelessly a little, this is the fact that does not dispute, everybody cannot be denied. Accordingly, high-grade guesthouse should establish automatic carry out to cover originally machine is free perhaps offer safety to cover for the passenger. High-grade guesthouse did not regard passenger health as one and the same, itself is done too disappointingly, had buried played serious hidden danger, should be condemned severely. Now family planning appoint provide this service actively, and be " free lunch " , they should thanks to just be opposite. However they unexpectedly not feel grateful, really darned.

The argument that high-grade guesthouse rejects to bring complete set very absurd, they think to offer safety to cover to the passenger can affect reputation, cause undesirable effect. Excuse me, you what scoundrel logic is this? We should like to ask, automatic carry out was established to cover in university campus machine, who can think to affect the reputation of the university, caused undesirable effect? The university is not afraid of influence fame, how do you fear? High-grade guesthouse is existence walks the street go whoring behavior, pron yourselves heart knows abdomen bright, masses also is as clear as day, why should you put clear dissimulate?

Family planning is our national policy, and prevent venereal it is the essential one part in family planning job, we must have been done seriously. My individual thinks, install the high-grade guesthouse of complete set to those rejection that offer to masses, talking things over merely is far insufficient, still must adopt coercive measures to be carried out energetically. Prevent to travel venereally and spread, create a favorable wholesome environment for masses.
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