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Restaurant promotes beer to eat rake-off to belong to commercial bribery
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Of short duration does not have brief introduction international online stalk of grain only (be stationed in Jiang Xiaohua of A Douqin of Inner Mongolia reporter's reporter) : The backside under cover that restaurant recommends beer in enthusiasm feline be bored with. Before before long, rong Qi of Inner Mongolia A industrial and commercial place receives Na Jitun of industrial and commercial bureau continuously consumer is informed against, mirror a restaurant distribute a kind of beer, this hotel clerk already often sold with other beer etc for excuse, reject to offer the beer of other brand for consumer, and consumer hinders at feelings, be forced give in.

Na Jitun immediately of industrial and commercial place refers to hotel clerk with respect to this matter be informed, so they the beer that every market a bottle of this brand to the client, through collecting cap can from 0.5 yuan of sales commission are achieved over there agency, only this one a month comes down income is even more than salary. After affirming this is the case of commercial bribery property, execute the law personnel undertook investigating to agency, beer agency admits to violating a fact to give entirely. This agency will begin July from this year, use reclaim the goal that cap trick achieves sales promotion product, the day that ends to hunt down, already reclaimed cap more than 3000. Use reclaim wine kind product of cap sales promotion is a kind of unfair competition, already formed commercial bribery. On October 18, 2006, law is opposite Na Jitun related basis of industrial and commercial place agency made the announcement that suspends illegal action instantly, be in the amerce with 10 thousand yuan.

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