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Maturation of evaporate of a jin of unripe crab deceives people half jins restau
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Of short duration gives birth to crab evaporate maturation one jin without brief introduction half jins

Deceive people restaurant yesterday is fined 1000 yuan by door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry

Morning paper dispatch runs to stockaded village of earth of king brother place of business to eat assembly room crab on a special trip, the big crab that chooses as a result child be changed by restaurant small crab child, still meet after chicanery crab evaporate is ripe " shrink " . The day before yesterday midday, industrial and commercial place accepts place of business of brother of Lao hill king citizen king gentleman is complained, to deceiving people restaurant place fines with 1000 yuan.

On October 19 midday, mr Wang that lives in the area austral city is taking family to arrive Lao hill amuse oneself, come to stockaded village of earth of king brother place of business midday a restaurant wants to sample " assembly room crab " , in discovery of gentleman of the king when ordering dishes the crab inside seafood has have greatly small, was about 5 build the biggest, vivid crab that every control 1 jin only, inn boss says 100 yuan every. Crab evaporate is ripe go up desk, want to taste fresh Mr Wang to discover crab however originally original in part is only large, when finding inn boss theory, the meeting after the other side says crab evaporate is ripe however " shrink " , it is normal phenomenon, insist to want Mr Wang to pay.

Furious Mr Wang is carrying crab to come to king brother place of business industrial and commercial place, complain restaurant con consumer, industrial and commercial personnel hurries to restaurant to investigate discovery, what restaurant gives Mr Wang to go up is half jins of crab. Face industrial and commercial personnel, inn boss says first is the clerk made a mistake, must admit he sees Mr Wang say mandarin finally, want much " earn " dot money.

Yesterday, restaurant of requirement of industrial and commercial personnel compensates for Mr Wang 500 yuan of losses, fraudulent to restaurant action fines 1000 yuan.

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