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There is eyewinker repast in restaurant repast dish by mouth of lacerate of simi
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Of short duration does not have brief introduction jellyfish dispatch will go to the net on October 21 restaurant repast by the eyewinker lacerate mouth in dish, classics disappear coordinates solution, the medical treatment that obtain compensate expends 230 yuan.

8 days, action is far consumer king lady protects division appeal to disappear of industrial and commercial bureau, say the National Day is when some hotel repast, by the thing lacerate mouth of similar fishhook in dish, blood stream is more than at that time, after be being sent toward the hospital to handle, do not have hinder greatly.

The following day, ms. Wang phone contacts hotel controller, the other side makes an apology in the phone, agree to pay medical expenses. But when Ms. Wang looks for a hotel after 4 days again, hotel clerk claims however chief is away on official business, other personnel also find an excuse declines, ms. Wang is helpless appeal is protected to disappear of industrial and commercial bureau division, ask the hotel makes an apology and compensatory medical treatment is expended. In enrol disappear of far industrial and commercial bureau to protect division mediation to fall, both sides will reach unanimous agreement on October 9, be in charge of making an apology to Ms. Wang by the hotel, compensate for medical treatment to expend 230 yuan, so far, this dispute is solved satisfactorily.

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