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Have inside restaurant " bomb " ill will retaliates doubt somebody
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Of short duration does not have brief introduction report from our correspondent this morning 10 when, somebody is informed against say, the Jing Fuhua near 5 buildings is put inside fat Niu Cheng have " bomb " , the platoon will check before the police, the staff member is persuaded outside the building.

Reporter 10 when when hurrying to the spot 30 minutes, cordon already was installed outside the building, ladder climb tall tool to be carried to the building inside. The staff member of 2 buildings Jing Fuhua already was persuaded to leave a mansion by the police, come round to surround the person that watch to increase ceaselessly.

Pieces Jing Fuhua's chef is little say: "The left and right sides just went to work at 9 o'clock, the police came, say somebody informs against 2 buildings to have " bomb " , all staff members were persuaded to come out, want to fear a bit now. " the landlord of this third floor explain the gentleman says: "It is details of a case of give false information likely, because of city of Jing Fuhua fat cattle the benefit this year is not very good, cannot eliminate some employee to did not get salary to undertake retaliation. Cannot eliminate some employee to did not get salary to undertake retaliation..

Jing Fuhua's employee denies revengeful statement, but not clear also after all inside what to produce.

Up to the reporter 11 when when distributing news dispatches 20 minutes, "Bomb " still check in the platoon in.

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