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Restaurant have dinner is walked off with to value his package when repast
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Of short duration does not have net of brief introduction jellyfish on October 21 dispatch (reporter Chai Xiangyang) on October 18 morning 10 when make, ms. Liu will be located in China couplet shopping centers on the west pull noodle shop of side to sit down, along with handgrip Bao Fang is on a seat on the side, wanted a bowl of face and a dish to taste. Passed a little while, came in again 3 males client, after sitting down on the seat that draws near in Ms. Liu, begin to order dishes.

Only probably time of 56 minutes, after Ms. Liu eats a meal to calculate Zhang, look, oneself bag disappeared! And those 3 men already also disappeared, there still is the content such as food and drink on the desk. Ms. Liu asks a clerk hastily, answer says the other side says to have urgent thing, already settle accounts goes person.

Ms. Liu turns pale with fright, because she just did a business, there is 3300 not only inside the bag multivariate cash, still have number of households and total population this, the important thing such as Id, key, shopping card. She is when the improper action that denounces these people, remind the package that oneself value certainly after the citizen goes out.

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