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Astral class restaurant amounts to 19 to face install travel company team to exp
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Of short duration does not have brief introduction a few days ago, examine and verify of travel council of city of bureau of tourism of classics Zhejiang province, Hangzhou is approved, our city two travel agent establish the force of friendly, Changjiang Delta formally; Judge assess of committee examine and verify via Lin Anxing, prosperous changes green town big public house to be judged to be hotel of 2 stars class; Wineshop of the hill in hill, short for Zhejiang Province travels on the west tea of Gu Xuan of bazaar of shopping high-quality goods of travel of distributing center limited company, embellish the 18 consumption place such as limited company of food of girl of art house, hill is named to be travel spending to recommend an unit, bring into travel industry to manage. So far, restaurant of class of our city mutual star 19, domestic travel agent 16, whole town's more large-scale restaurant bed digit breaks through 12000 pieces, farmhouse is happy manage door 500, recieve bed to amount to 7000 pieces, travel spending recommends an unit 18, team of company of our city travel expands with each passing day.
The predecessor of friendly travel agent is aureate holiday travel recieves a center, introduce according to this agency chief, they are consolidating on the foundation of market of original passenger source, extend new passenger source market further, early days already organized force the 2 class market that to Shandong this has not develop made full-scale investigation and abecedarian recommend, the near future already had a group to garrison face how, this will achieve new breakthrough to the development of market of our city passenger source. The ground captures the acumen of travel travel agent of Changjiang Delta to be driven oneself currently swim the chance that the market warms up quickly, established technically face the Anhui that install short for Zhejiang Province to be driven oneself swim travel seeks advice from service dot, provided seasonable and considerate service to drive the go on a journey of tourist person, ground to receive oneself, better land got used to the demand of the market. Prosperous spends the time that green town big public house passes nearly one year, invest more than yuan 200, undertook be transforminged in the round to infrastructure, to undertaking from personnel of course of study aggrandizement grooms, of this hotel on the star hangs out his shingle, realized prosperous to convert restaurant of class of star of town of military importance of this one travel " 0 " breakthrough, promoted prosperous effectively to change area travel to recieve the integral level of establishment and class. First travel consumes those who recommend an unit to name, it is bureau of city scenery tourism for resource of travel of effective conformity whole town, farther perfect travel function of 6 element form a complete set, normative travel market manages action, make system of Wu of sincere be convinced, guide a tourist to understand consumption, establish the innovation act that faces the travel figure place that brings whole to make, bold attempt.
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