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Lose the key to offend surely kindly will bother a guest to change a lock this b
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Of short duration replaces a client to lose the key in him inn surely without brief introduction good intention, unexpectedly keys of a few Queen of heaven disappeared, rusty client trades the charge of the lock for him compensation of this requirement restaurant, but " do bad thing kindly " restaurant boss feels however very grievance. Should the money that trades a lock go by restaurant after all? Bilateral refuse to budge does not fall, walked into office of Zhejiang aid attorney together.

Zhang Ming (alias) , Yang Ting (alias) couple two it is Jiangxi person, taking the child to go to Hangzhou together 2001, a restaurant opened on lake villa road. Come down 56 years, couple the two debt that paid off native place not only, restaurant business also does more prosperous more. A day night when restaurant put up the shutters, zhang Ming discovered a string of big key on a piece of chair, who is because do not know,lost, zhang Ming gives wife to keep the key.

The following day, restaurant receives client Chen Ping (alias) phone, enquire whether counterjumper collected a string of key. Original, chen Ping and girlfriend pull down this string of key when restaurant have dinner in the evening before today. Check simply after the circumstance, zhang Ming lets Chen Ping come as soon as possible in inn resumptive key.

Because be away on official business, chen Ping just returns Zhang Ming's restaurant after a chapel, but when the drawer that makes open key when Yang Ting, discover the key disappeared however, the two clerks with restaurant are helping husband and wife search in inn together rapidly, still did not find finally. At this moment, xiaochen says the clerk in inn, "There is a string of big key in the son hand that sees a boss several days ago playing, " this ability remembers Yang Ting, after taking a thing afternoon one day, forgot to lock up that drawer that puts the key.

Chen Ping asks Zhang Mingfu Fu recoups his loss immediately, "This issues me to get all keys such as a door window in the home, drawer, safe to change, altogether should have spent thousands of yuan. He collects the key, was lost by his son now, the money that trades a lock should go by him of course. " Dan Zhangming also feels oneself very bad luck: "If not be the key that I found him, he is not to want to change a lock all the same, how can this money let my compensate? How can this money let my compensate??


Lawyer argument

Solicitor of office of Zhejiang aid attorney analyses: According to " top people court implements general rule of civil code of < People's Republic of China about carrying out > the opinion of a certain number of problems " regulation, pick up so that property ought to remand, pick up so that content destroys break, damage, pick up so that the person does not have to this intended, do not assume civil responsibility. In this case, the kindness after Zhang Mingfu Fu collects the key replaces the other side to keep, not collection any charge, and to the key missing nonexistent any intended, accordingly, the loss that causes to losing the key does not assume liability to pay compensation, relevant charge is assumed by Chen Ping.
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