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The client drives bottle of cost from collection of restaurant of the water that
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The friend that of short duration reports citizen Mr Liu and him without village of willow of brief introduction reporter arrives from the water that take wine inside city repast of a restaurant, when settle accounts by collection 20 yuan of cost opening bottle. Yesterday, he what the feeling is slaughtered to city disappear assist complain.
He to city disappear assist report says, a few days ago, friend of his a few other places will unseal watch chrysanthemum show, he is in midday a famous restaurant fete friend. He takes the wine water that drinks at that time from the home, the clerk also does not have any reminding in the service, but collection discovers however when his settle accounts 20 yuan of cost opening bottle. The clerk says, write very clearly on the stage, decline to carry wine water oneself, if be taken oneself, collect 20 yuan of fee opening bottle additionally. Mr Liu thinks these 20 yuan ought not to close.
City disappear assist personnel thinks, consumer is being bought commodity and when accepting a service, have free choice and the right that trade fairly, the businessman cannot enforce consumer spending. Restaurant declines from what set all right, prohibit be being reached from the water that take wine increase the format provision that collecting bottle of fee is a model, the free option that encroached consumer and fairness trade authority. Accordingly, 20 yuan of restaurant collection are not should. Disappear assist personnel expresses: They will coordinate inn to just give Liu the gentleman 20 yuan of return, if restaurant just refuses refund, complain this turn over door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry to handle.

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