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Abnormal man " love sufficient " slip into restaurant female bathhouse to steal
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Of short duration does not have brief introduction 20 days in the evening, one has " love sufficient " the man of the tendency is in Shandong the flee in disorder after Jinan stole socks of silk of a pair of females to be discovered inside a restaurant, unexpectedly flurried him lieutenant general dynamoelectric bicycle falls in hotel entrance. Go back when him when cycling, be caught wearing.

19 days night at 8 o'clock half, police station of garden of Shandong Jinan grand sight receives area under administration the employee of inn of a dumpling calls the police, say to one man arrives inside inn female bathhouse stole socks of silk of a pair of females, be versed in seize by meal counterjumper. The policeman brings back this man police station instantly.

Classics trial, this man that surnames land is the employee of a company. Occupy Liu Mou to explain, he has " love sufficient " the tendency, love to collect female silk socks. That evening, he wants to have a thing after the company works overtime, pass this dumpling inn when him when female employee bathhouse, rose to steal the idea of female silk socks actually.

After he enters bathhouse, turned over the dress of air hostess a long time, found socks of a pair of silk to be put inside the dress to plan to take away, do not have the air hostess that thinks of the house that be entered by to meet by chance, "Catch thief! " land some sees the thing discloses, seize a road hurriedly and escape.

After he runs back to abode hastily, remember electric car still is put in hotel entrance, retrace goes cycling. Turned unexpectedly the sign that circuit did not discover electric car, be forced to ask restaurant the clerk. Result clerk identifying him is a moment ago that thief, after capturing him, call the police. Original, the clerk realizes those who fall to the electric motor-car of the doorway is thief, drive the car his hurl oneself willingly into the net waits inside the courtyard.

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