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One restaurant of Nanjing peddles crocodilian banquet chief says butcher procedu
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Of short duration does not have dispatch of brief introduction wall bulletin (reporter Wang Xi) a restaurant that is located in cool and refreshing door, do not know do a batch of crocodile from where, still express will all butcher solemnly, make crocodilian dinner, make public to Nanjing citizen put on sale.

From where crocodile comes after all? Butcher country is crocodile of animal of one class protection lawful? After hearing this news, the reporter came to this restaurant yesterday one dug unexpectedly. In the doorway glass pool of this restaurant, the reporter discovered 20 crocodile as expected, to prevent mutual carnage, every crocodilian mouth was bound rise, there still is the label of a yellow on the tail.

In an office of restaurant, the reporter found chief reed gentleman. He tells a reporter, all procedure of butcher crocodile are whole all ready, these crocodile are raised artificially entirely, have in national forestry bureau put on record, take bureau of forestry of home going abroad to issue " bronze medal " let a reporter look. To the taste of crocodilian banquet and effect, restaurant chief says " very delicious " and " have extremely high officinal value " , and to the price, do not wish to leak any information.

Because dispute is workaday, the reporter cannot contact forestry to be in charge of a branch, but from the website of national forestry bureau the reporter understands, the crocodile that sells legally must contain what by national forestry bureau, country approval of total bureau of industrial and commercial government uses " Chinese wild animal uses government via seeking profits special label " . This label is plastic tablet of yellow, hang in crocodilian rear. In addition, butcher unit still gets those who have national forestry bureau to put on record. From the point of the data that at present restaurant just provides, still cannot judge this restaurant to manage crocodile to whether break the law.

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