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Disaster of hotel be on fire reachs Chi Yu
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Of short duration does not have disaster of be on fire of brief introduction hotel and Chi Yu

About a hundred Fu Shouyu is in one restaurant of Guangzhou in smother by stifle, personal casualty is not had in the accident

Report from our correspondent (reporter Zhou Songbai) yesterday morning 9 when make 40 minutes, the conduit of smoke evacuation of a restaurant on road of cultivate of another name for Guangdong Province of area of Guangzhou city the Milky way catchs fire, burn reach the intermediate secondary floor between restaurant condole top and Lou Dingzhi, many and pungent smother is gushing, about a hundred Fu Shouyu in the cistern outside restaurant by stifle of while still alive, the favour in the accident does not have personal casualty.

Smother of hotel be on fire envelops neighborhood

Catch fire restaurant name is " luck writes down Zhan Jiang chicken " , be located in the first floor of commercial building of Lu Yidong of cultivate of another name for Guangdong Province. Yesterday morning, the reporter hears the news when hurrying to the spot, the spot is stopping 6 fire engine, igneous situation already was put out, fireman is preparing to withdraw, but from this inn condole supports and the secondary floor between first floor coping still has light smoke to appear ceaselessly, there is a pungent smoke flavour in spot sky.

By the eyewitness that goes to work inside a building tells a reporter one, fire happens in the morning about 9 when 40 minutes, smother ceaselessly from first floor of the building opposite side " luck writes down Zhan Jiang chicken " gushing, very fast, the road surface around and adjacent building are enveloped by smother. "Smother choke person, the passerby on the street in succession nose whirl of attack by surprise, around resident also shuts window lest smother to enter hastily " , eyewitness says, because the smother on the road diffuses, the car that passes this a section of a highway must travel of rein in speed.

Canal of the smoke evacuation since preliminary investigation disaster accumulates oil

"We are firm at that time start working, restaurant still does not have deadbeat " , occupy the counterjumper introduction of accident restaurant, in the morning they ability strong go into operation, the kitchen is preparing a meal to employee, smoke evacuation conduit caught fire suddenly, when everybody discovers igneous love, igneous situation had burned restaurant in the secondary floor between condole top and Lou Dingzhi. "Cannot see very old flame, but appear smother of person of a lot of choke, the person in inn must be walked to the outside in succession by choke " , this partner says, the employee in inn call the police for a short while, 10 when the left and right sides, fireman arrives, through the fire fighting of 1 many hours, extinguish fire.

In interviewing, the reporter sees this inn salesmans about a hundred dead Fu Shouyu in the cistern outside inn Qing Dynasty goes, one partner says, these fish grow quite because of smother duration, envelop piscine pool, the fish in bringing about a pool is anoxic and dead. Attack according to the spot Guangzhou fire control of fire a firemen introduces 2 groups, preliminary investigation, "Luck writes down Zhan Jiang chicken " fire is by smoke evacuation the putty that stay is accumulated to ignite for years inside conduit, reason of specific on fire still needs to make further investigation. According to introducing, ham area amounts to this fire 600 more than square metre, but favour does not have personal casualty.
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