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Hotel building top does mobile noise trouble civilian
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Of short duration does not have dispatch of brief introduction morning paper " one guesthouse seems to conducting what activity near our village, noise lasts to now all the time from afternoon, bear hard really. " last night, ms. Zhang calls provincial capital citizen our newspaper report.

Reporter immediately is driven toward be located in the Anhui near back door of town god's temple of road of river of provincial capital the Huaihe River some guesthouse. The reporter notices, the noise of faze civilian comes from this guesthouse attic, musical sound and noisy voice are jumbly together. Ms. Zhang tells a reporter, the village that oneself live endures this guesthouse closely, begin afternoon from that day, all the time noise is transmitted from hotel way, last to in the evening all the time 7: 30, still do not have the evidence of cease, the dweller cannot rest normally at all.

That evening 9: 30, the reporter understands from hotel side, this guesthouse is holding an activity really that evening, nevertheless 9: 30 had ended. To the trouble that causes from this civilian, hotel side expresses an apology.

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