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Boxer guesthouse is experienced too extremely send person 5 years nearly 10 thou
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Of short duration does not have brief introduction report from our correspondent (reporter Huang Yaping) Kang Qunxin Xi Wu of 54 years old 40 years, experienced a suit kongfu, come 5 years, he already imparted to 10 thousand foreigners performance shadowboxing.

Yesterday in the morning, the reporter is by the side of the lake water of Tang Huabin house, the teacher that sees long gown of a dress is greening jade to ten golden hair the foreigners of the eye impart too extremely kongfu, "White crane bright wing " , " bronco divides hair on the neck of a pig " , the teacher teachs seriously, foreigners learn coolly.

A fist comes down, each god Qing Dynasty enrages foreigners bright, meaning still did not use up.

This teacher is called Kang Qunxin, this year 54 years old, he begins Xi Wu from ten years old, experienced a suit good time. 2000, he suffers hire Tang Huabin house, impart technically to foreign friend in guesthouse, perform traditional wushu shadowboxing, old explicit lakefront is hit too extremely also became guesthouse to shine together beautiful scenery line. According to not complete count, these 5 years, the foreign friend that Laokang teaching passes or has seen him perform amounts to on 10 thousand people, his student pervades world each district. After an American friend goes back to the motherland, still insist to take exercise, pass ask for advice of email Xiang Laokang for many times too extremely essentials. Many foreign friends also left pair of China on visitors' book too extremely the language of the admire recognition of kongfu.

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