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Double happiness faces restaurant wedding breakfast " hit a car "
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Of short duration has been decided without day of brief introduction report from our correspondent, invitation card also is given out, bridegroom clump gentleman is informed by restaurant however, the marriage banquet of restaurant was ordered that day weighed, clump gentleman can change a place to perhaps trade a day only. This makes clump gentleman depressed unceasingly.

Clump gentleman introduces, this year September, inn contacts he and Xi Cuilu of restaurant of house of happy and carefree, preparation will hold wedding in this restaurant on November 18, "I made 500 yuan of deposit to restaurant, but did not sign a contract. But did not sign a contract..

After placing date, clump gentleman says to ever called twice to affirm to restaurant, "They say to be no problem for certain, I am mixed later marriage celebrated a company to sign a contract, informed kin friend marriage dinner time, place. " clump gentleman says, did not think of restaurant will hit a phone to say on October 13, his marriage banquet will do on November 18.

Inn of emerald green road is in charge of restaurant of house of happy and carefree on the west book marriage banquet history the manager expresses, clump gentleman has ordered the marriage banquet November 18 in this restaurant really, but because of restaurant an employee resigns, it is clear to hand over the job to was not explained, cause marriage banquet to order weighed.

"Check later order, we discover the gentleman that divide a collection outside, returned somebody to book the marriage banquet that day, had signed a contract to issue menu. " history the director says.

History the manager expresses, restaurant offerred 3 kinds of solutions to clump gentleman, marriage banquet is held as scheduled, can change the location in other branch, restaurant sends a car to send the past the friend of clump gentleman; OK also clump gentleman chooses a hotel around, times doubler return return deposit; Having again is change the date holds wedding.

"If these plan he is not quite satisfactory, we can terminate a contract only, times doubler return return deposit. If he agrees to be held in the branch or postpone date, we can give privilege. " history the director says.

"Unit of space of Xi Cuilu store is very close, work in the same placing are riding a car to be able to attend marriage dinner. And bridal date also is the wedding day that picks meticulously, the change the date that restaurant advances holds bridal time is everyday life. " clump gentleman says, at present he still is undertaking negotiation with restaurant.

Lawyer argument

Solve means to decide restaurant whether break a contact

The Kang Aijun's lawyer of office of Beijing earth attorney expresses, clump gentleman paid deposit to restaurant, already made contract impact with restaurant.
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