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Lad walks along wrong restaurant to encounter accident fire fire fighting he doe
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Of short duration does not have brief introduction time: 22 days midday 12 when make

Place: Area of aunt of Shenyang city emperor

Party language: "This does not calculate what to be ready to help others for a just cause, we was met have to be in charge of. We was met have to be in charge of..

Lad visits wrong hotel, accident however experience arrives a fire. Face danger situation, he what ever had become fire control soldier chose to rush forward.

Yesterday midday 12 when make, area of aunt of Shenyang city emperor esteems Shandong road platinum restaurant sends Hans to give birth to fire and be put out very quickly, say to the lad in fire fighting of the first spot whats do not agree to leave a full name however, leave sadly.

Restaurant catchs fire, deadbeat runs away in a flurry

Face numerous firemen, already escaped Mr Li of a restaurant remains the same not yet recover from a fright.

"Did not think of to eat a meal to encounter such thing unexpectedly. " Mr Li is panting to say: "Most begin a kitchen that ' breathe out breathe out ' the ground is fumy, not big also, still thinking is the lampblack of the kitchen. Still thinking is the lampblack of the kitchen..

"Very fast smoke is bigger and bigger, also heat up in house rise, we look a few times bad, this is to catch fire, run outside immediately. Run outside immediately..

And at the door the old hall that 4 girls stand is aerosol completely of one face but: "We had not eaten, the money that just made buffet sees a big smoke, hear catch fire, run immediately. Run immediately..

Visit wrong hotel, saved a fire however

A lot of clients and clerk are squeezed in hotel is old doorway, a client is pointing to a youngster that takes from inside aerosol to say: "It is him, a moment ago was inside fire fighting. A moment ago was inside fire fighting..

The way that the reporter points to down him looks, this lad can say is old hall in most " helter-skelter " a, the hair is hoar completely, dress trousers is drenched also, approach to look, just discover to white ash is completely on his hair, the lip is pale, freeze continuously to hit shiver.

See the look of reporter curiosity, he shakes drenched coat, pay no attention to the ground to say: "A moment ago by fire extinguisher gush the water of my a suit " , he points to again " grey " hair, "This is done by the ejective powder in fire extinguisher. "This is done by the ejective powder in fire extinguisher..

"Do you have a meal here at that time? " the reporter asks. "I will look for a friend, go wrong restaurant. Go wrong restaurant..

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