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One hotel produces Qingdao affray foreman by the steamed bread " be bungled " in
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Of short duration does not have brief introduction " because the client has macula on the steamed bread together, hitting the foreman of the hotel unexpectedly is blood, unconscious all over the face! " last night, shop of food of sentimental folk Hunan produces the sky way affray incident. Current, the client that lay a person already was seized by police station of the district in Hong Kong, and the person that hurt is accepting cure in 401 hospitals.

This morning, the reporter sees wounded hotel foreman in 401 hospitals 10 thousand Chun Yan. "He did not regain consciousness all the time to now from last night come over. " 10 thousand Chun Yan's fellows say. Doctor in charge of a case says, the 10 thousand mind when Chun Yan is sent a hospital are not clear, it is cerebral concussion via the examination, need observes 3 talents can determine a patient's condition.

In the morning, the reporter comes to the hotel of the accident, bloodstain still is stained with on a post of the hall. Clerk pony introduced the course of the accident: Last night, 7 guests are taking two children to be in 206 rooms have dinner. After small steamed bread of the bullion on clerk end, the guest says to there is mildewy macula on small steamed bread, the clerk sees a steamed bread already by bite off half, busy explanation says what go causing on drop to the likelihood is the drip in evaporate box become angry... finally, the hotel agrees to retreat these steamed breads.

The pony says, late 8 when make 30 minutes, the guest buries Chan Shixi to hope the odd that expends 416 yuan of eat is avoided, those who serve as foreman 10 thousand Chun Yan says the boss is absent, refused. "At this moment, a female client takes that small steamed bread to break him, the steamed bread conveniently on ground of 10 thousand Chun Yan pick up is held flat throw into ash-bin inside. These guest immediately instruct steamed breads of 10 thousand Chun Yan pick up. "Your person thinks the thing that be less than happened: After steamed bread pick up, one female client sees the steamed bread is flat, with respect to loud shout. Another client conveniently is taken the bat that menu inserts on the stage is hit 10 thousand Chun Yan, 10 thousand Chun Yan conveniently a batch, unexpectedly loiter of board just in time arrives on face of a female client! And this female client follows call ' lay a person ' ! Those people rush up in a crowd, procrastinating 10 thousand Chun Yan with respect to cuff and kick, ministry of 10 thousand Chun Yan's head, faces bumps on post, blood flows continuously, immediately faint is in the ground " .

The clerk looks bad, hastily will among them a few clients are blocked, signed up for alarm. Among them a few person that lay a person escaped the spot, the 110 policemans that come subsequently carry its companion police station of the district in Hong Kong. The reporter sees on the bill that this hotel offers, that evening these guests drank 24 bottles of beer in all.
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