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Countrywide eat rich can judge a large award Shandong to visit one public house
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Of short duration does not have exposition of meal of the 2nd whole nation of brief introduction China to ring down the curtain in Xi'an today, in the large award of meal course of study that announces on closure, shandong shares 4 enterprise bear the palm.  

Among them, big public house of palace of fim of Jinan annulus hill obtains 10 big meal of Chinese to taste award of card business nomination; Xu Yunlong of president of restaurant of hall of Jinan swallow happy event has the honor to win Chinese meal course of study outstanding entrepreneur title; Jindoumei feeds Qingdao beneficial friend Liang Yongjian of limited company president captures the city Chinese meal job is excellent entrepreneur nomination award; Yan Jingxiang of president of big public house obtains Jinan Jing Xiang " China name hutch " honorary award.

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