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Single star hotel facing the pressure of survival
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Three-star hotel was once the backbone of the hotel industry in Jiangsu, but with the 2008 foreign high-end hotels and economy hotels to increase efforts to seize the market, three-star hotel gradually being marginalized, and many single hotel facing the pressure to survive, have to seek group development. This reporter learned that mid-range hotel market in Jiangsu are star-way, Vienna, Holiday Inn and other brands, each enclosure in acceleration, incorporation of three-star independent hotels.

Single star hotel will eventually exit the market

National Day Golden Week this year, Nanjing, all kinds of tourist accommodation facilities Reception very hot, hotel average room occupancy rate reached 81%, hotels almost every day to achieve 100%. With the October arrival of a variety of exhibition and forum, a number of star hotels in Nanjing will usher in passenger flow season.

Starway Hotel CEO SHAO Bing believes that the domestic business guests on the classic mid-range business hotel market demand is very large, this group budgets generally between 250-400 yuan, just one of many three-star hotels are located in the single market space. Single hotel product as weak at a disadvantage in the competition, it is difficult to compete with chain hotels. Them through a survey of 100 foreign-funded enterprises, found that 70% of the travel budget in the 300 -400 yuan; private enterprises, even lower budget, but also 200 -300 yuan. Overall, the budget hotel because too much emphasis on cost reduction, service and hardware seem "simple", for business guests, the hundred-end hotels can not satisfy their needs, terrain and the quality of mid-range hotel will be more income under the command of a good three-star hotel, re-packaging, just to meet the greater emphasis on the quality of living for business guests.

SHAO Bing told reporters that the implementation of mid-range hotel group has become a trend, three-star independent hotels will eventually exit the market.

Incorporate old star hotel brands

This reporter learned that the domestic luxury hotel brand has 20-30 major brands such as InterContinental, Crowne Plaza, Holiday, Shangri-La, more than 500 hotels; coverage of low-end hotels are like a family, 7 Days Inn, the Han court, Jinjiang Star, Green Tree Inn, Motel, etc., except the lack of influential mid-range hotel market and the scale of the brand, now only the star way, Vienna, Holiday Inn, etc. into one of the few mid-range hotel market.

"Domestic part of the mid-range three-star hotel there most of input-output ratio is low, the high rate of vacant rooms." Jiangsu Provincial Tourism Bureau of Industry Management Department, concerned parties, the national three-star or three star standard hotel at about 10,000 the number of or so, but many Samsung, four-star hotel (in the background of the hotel is mainly state-owned assets) is currently living situation is not ideal, when the stars to some of the evaluation hardware is gradually aging, many hotels in the location, room size, room facilities, decor, etc. aspects of the hotel chain can not compete.

Since last year, mid-range hotels have incorporated three-star independent hotels, the "speed up the expansion" as the front of the main objectives, such as Ctrip's star hotel in Jiangsu accelerated process enclosure, in Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou, Nanjing set point layout . Star-way now is to take to join the main form, for the joining hotel VI design, LOGO output, unified supply procurement and other support, and in the process Ctrip and star network system to be recommended.

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