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Carry out the reflection of force about sale group
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Of short duration does not have brief introduction this paragraphs of 51 time, do not have at a loose end all the time, the project still is in nervous development. Day and this two groups discuss sale promotion, also pondered over a lot of things.

In poineering process, it is the most important at 2 o'clock that I feel to have, the first direction that is the strategy, so to Web project, should say even if located, clear and competitive fixed position, the progress that can say future laid good foundation. I say fixed position decides to develop constantly. In the strategy correct premise falls, so the success that decides a project, I feel next to link is the executive force of sale, of course premise is a technology development is trouble-free on the foundation of implementation.

Speak of executive force respect, should saying is the link that our group pays attention to very much, and we also consider method of a few means to improve efficiency constantly, promotion implements power. And when the executive force that considers promotion now, that is us not just at present the group carries out the problem of force, likelihood the ace that member of our group core is plan, sale, executive force is very powerful also, can make very good sale extend program, but the problem that carries out a few detail truly, not be us a few people can accomplish, need the executive power with strong group of a promotion however. From a person or it is core group arrives on a real significance the promotion group of certain dimensions, what reflect in this moment is originality and plan no longer, those who reflect is management.

Advanced period of time, consideration of member of our core sale is sale of plan of brand plan, promotion, consequence merely, think in us these fundamental sex jobs are already basic and OK, the mainest to us job is, who goes carrying out each link in the plan, we need to popularize a group, we need a lot of people to do such executive work even, they should engineer ours plan, plan to carrying out each link really, had done each detail, detail decides success or failure, detail also decided final executive result.

So we think to the project from before, to the plan of the project, arrived to be opposite now again the management of the project, I think this level should have challenge sex most, difficulty also is the biggest, be in after all Internet is gotten this inside the country, a lot of things are being explored, difficult is not how you manage what can stabilize but the palm accuses resource, difficult is how can not will stable resource, become stability but the resource that the palm accuses, and produce the biggest effect, I wanted to accomplish this a little bit, should say strong executive force comes true. Appear in the network particularly apparent.

Also thinking how to raise sale to extend the executive power of the group recently, and have government effectively, this involves a few link among them:
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