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About building the proposal book of ministry of hotel honoured guest
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Of short duration does not have the everybody of brief introduction expensive hotel to lead:
You are good! The major that sale of Xi'an neat day runs advisory limited company is club of honoured guest of hotel of a whole nation runs a company, the luck that the company ever had market plan and club of hotel honoured guest for countrywide famous public house for many times is done with management, its company member all is expert of senior phone sale, the professional personage of the plan that has a batch of hotel member forms that have old experience and operation, the development of industry of the hotel below specific to be in China market environment and consumer psychology are having deep knowledge and understanding, our company project manager, old hotel member club operates experience, ceng Chenggong enters big public house for Xi'an happy event (5 stars) , abundant of Shanxi carry city is fond of big public house (3 stars) , hotel of town of Xi'an the Tang Dynasty (4 stars) , house of new state guest of Hainan big talk (5 stars) , big talk big public house of Bao Huahai scene (4 stars) , big public house of light of Guangdong cloud float (3 stars) , yinchuan appearance recalls guesthouse (3 stars) wait for hotel of class of many each star to had run honoured guest club, among the successful government that uses advanced phone sale system honoured guest department, member and service dimensions expanded inside short time, carry the successful operation of honoured guest club, brought enormous economic benefits and social effect for afore-mentioned hotels, help this member hotel expand in member network city of the whole nation famous degree, in the remain invincible in intense market competition. Management of sale of Xi'an neat day consults limited company establish your top-ranking hotel figure and the long-term goal that raise the market to have portion to regard me as the company, sell a system by right of perfect professional phone, groom maturely of system and success run mode, pass the active enterprising of all company member and indefatigable effort, turn hotel member network successfully to the market! Increase for each member hotel passenger source, steady passenger source, patulous its advertisement and public concern network, and phone sale development of burgeoning estate of this one country reachs higher administrative levels. Believe to pass the plan of this professional corporation and management, will surely make cooperative hotel becomes the precede person of market of local hotel estate, consolidate ceaselessly oneself lead position!
The program of club of hotel honoured guest of pattern of neat weather firm is to be a hotel technically to get used to new market environment and a of the plan special sale program, it is not the management on the simple meaning with original hotel is assisted model, cost is used up model club, manage however active model, benefit growth, whole is advanced model club. Mode of its main be on sale is member club is established in the hotel, through paying a member cost develops the form of the member, the special courteous reception that add reachs favourable discount, use extend the phone sale system with orderly, effective control, all sorts of resource of integrated hotel, active and active with 3, 50 thousand potential faithful client contacts, those who enlarge a hotel is famous degree, development 1000, member of 2000 hotels club holds calorie of concentration to undertake consumptive to the hotel, develop healthy and beneficial series insider activity, the ego that enhances a member knows the same feeling, maintain the close tie of hotel and member for a long time, manage for a long time for the hotel lay solid foundation.
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