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Improve performance management " performance "
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Of short duration does not know without brief introduction from when to begin, build effective performance to evaluate a system, had become the one catastrophe that perplexes our country controller to inscribe. Performance is evaluated, another kind of trouble in also becoming an organization and painful germ -- at evaluating person such, at be being evaluated person also be such. We have a client of telegraphic course of study, employee number exceeds 2, 000 people, every quarter end, want conventionally evaluate do. Time come down, accumulative total of every branch manager should cost the time of 2 weeks. Besides time take up, a few more serious manager, prepare enough physical ability and courage even, will handle the brawl that makes a person terribly defeated and enormous psychological pressure.

After if say,be being evaluated, the performance of individual and group can rise as expected, so, the time that gives so much and bear so much anguish, also be worthiness. But the observation according to us, below a lot of circumstances, lively after passing with business, everything restorable. No wonder the assessment that do sth on a large scale builds system, can deviate from very quickly former and good original intention, become another kind of formalism in the organization.

Do not believe us to be able to go to in order to evaluate the system is meticulous and famous company, scout in the dark the computer of an employee or folder. If this employee is clever and efficiency of be particular about, we should a few form that when be being evaluated last, use can be found in a certain place. When be evaluated next time, the date that he can get on form commonly changes, give next his direct manager or manpower resource ministry.

The example above has some of extreme it seems that. But, in a lot of China businesses that pursueing performance management, is similar phenomenon common? Be everybody ignored performance? Not be for certain. We had not come up against where individual to be willing to stay in the company of a low performance, everybody wants oneself company can stand in high performance the organization; Everybody also knows, constituent performance, depend on the performance of our individual. However, why to although wanting to want those who pass performance to evaluate,still have many companies, will breed the company culture of a kind of enterprising, the cooperation of facilitating group, arouse the potential of employee, in order to finish formidable strategic job, can carry out assessment result to always fare badly however, be just the opposite to what one wished even?

As the whole world the greatest professional manpower natural resources consults one of companies, advisory company of our beauty world has undertaken the advisory project of management of a lot of concerned performance in China in recent years, although the client's industry, dimensions, property each different, the management challenge that face is different also, but we discover, these enterprises are put in a few common problems and error in performance management field. Announce these problems and error to come out and try to analyse, can inspire more enterprises to use performance effectively to evaluate this tool probably.
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