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How to solve an other place to sell the administrative issue of the orgnaization
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Of short duration does not have brief introduction the branch of a lot of enterprises sells orgnaization management is at first extremely of extensive, adoption means is very simple also: Headquarters gives brushstroke money, send a person, complete independence is free. Incomputable Hunan has how many company is to rely on this kind of primitive method to make the branch of the enterprise ceaseless expand, but this kind of extensive to running way, hidden risk is great, headquarters is to exist in name only almost to selling the person of the branch, money, content to superintend, a lot of enterprises are in to the branch when just obtaining certain result, be beaten by various problems, from now on cannot recover after a setback or flat exit the market. How managing an other place to sell an orgnaization is the serious problem that at present the enterprise faces.

Solve nonlocal branch to manage a problem to lack tool of a kind of government.

To the management of nonlocal branch mode has matured quite, big company can adopt branch and platform. One exists with profit center form, one exists with charge center form, but medium and small businesses often is the market that 9 people will come to develop whole area. But no matter be the form of the form of the branch or platform, the problem of ineludible long-range management, especially the sale guidance that the sale below all sorts of mode is a center and client management.

Strengthen management from administrative system clause of course to the management of the branch besides, still lack a kind of effective tool, carrying phone and mail merely is to cannot satisfy company headquarters to master in time of data to day-to-day professional work with built-in control, especially medium and small businesses, it is one of main reasons that restrict medium and small businesses to enlarge development.

Apply a month to hire model sale management serves (the month is hired model CRM) can solve these problems.

At present home appears the software system of a kind of hire, controller examines the sale data of each district collect through Internet, master the circumstance of each district operation at any time.

The salesperson of the enterprise or controller carry respective account, the limits of authority with different cent will manage an individual or the client of whole industry concerns, this system included all module functions of traditional CRM in the round, these module can record medium and small businesses to concern key data about the client's place, the administrative module that includes client and contact, sale opportunity module, contract module, service module, market module, charge module, analysis module.

The month is hired model CRM is right of the salesperson everyday the job undertakes administrative, right everyday the thing is arranged businesslikely systematically, the salesperson of each district everyday working circumstance to the administrator in headquarters it is transparent, the personnel of every other place is in of the system supervise under, also be in whole managing of the layer supervise under the job that finish, improve efficiency. Make sale daily paper automatically especially, make controller masters completely to the working circumstance of every salesperson.
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