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How to promote a branch to carry out force and cohesive affinity
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How does of short duration promote a branch to carry out force and cohesive affinity without brief introduction? Face a such tasks the impressions that I can combine my experience to talk about my only. Before discussing this issue, I feel discussion central issue should be how to make a preeminent group. Look in me, good executive strength and cohesive affinity are place of a preeminent group indispensible had essential factor, contrary, a preeminent group does not lack good executive strength and cohesive affinity however. So the answer of the task I feel is how to make preeminent group, can make we stand in a taller angle to ponder over executive force and cohesive affinity so. Here, I do not want to emphasize group and what heavy what is light between executive force and cohesive affinity, because this is both between nonexistent quite, the meaning of the group is more than problem itself put forward.

The one word interpreter in English is the group Team, it is a flock of people that show close in the job cooperation is in charge of each other, have common benefit cause. The group of any organizations, include 5 essential factor, abbreviation " 5P " , namely target (Purpose) , fixed position (Place) , attributive (Power) , plan (Plan) with personnel (People) . These 5 element are compositive group is indispensable. Face Jin Jiulong present poineering phase, the member of the group is mostly " friend " . But pass period of time after adjusting, we this group wants to pass an anguish " shuffle " process. Show level to still some of person cannot agree with group concept probably, probably some people have other plan, probably some people are not competent. In fact even if the professional handler of extremely rich experience, most the thing that fear perhaps is ministry of employee deliver human affairs. To our hotel, be in showing level personnel to change is very big question, encounter many difficult unavoidable, although also should want so,have decisive substitution and " shuffle " courage.

Show level, I think the branch makes preeminent group key be in " popular feeling " , remember be in " the world does not have a thief " there is a more classical word in this film: Li Shu says " popular feeling came loose, the team is bad to was taken " , if take the construction that is used in the group and management, what can we experience! The business circles nowadays, how to run good group in discussion move all the time, sell a team especially more managed hard. My individual feels, this is not bad management, the vital part that has not held government however stopped! The construction of the group and management, key or " popular feeling " ! The leader of departmental door hopes to be able to make the group of an invincible, face market sale group, administrative difficulty may be a few greater than other branch. The characteristic that the reason depends on its post, although the person is little, but the much that assumed a public house sells the assignment, psychological pressure cans be imagined!
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