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Talk about the construction of sale group and management
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Of short duration does not have brief introduction " the world does not have a thief " in have a more classical word: Li Shu says " popular feeling came loose, the team is bad to was taken " , if take the construction that is used in the group and management, it is one language sleeps lightly really dreamboat ah! The business circles nowadays, how to run good group in discussion move all the time, sell a group especially more managed hard. I look, this is not bad management, the vital part that holds government hard however stopped! The construction of the group and management, the key is in " popular feeling " !   

The writer is old of sale group establish reach administrative experience, think the construction of sale group and tubal behoove divide a pace to go:   

Of member of the first pace, group select

"It is with the person this " this is the most crucial, the group is by individual composition, what had had only is individual, ability can have good group, on the construction that discussing a group so and management, we should discuss a group above all medium individual.   

The author thinks of group member select, basically choose from the following:

The first: Individual character. Character is our choose person's most crucial the first essential factor, see character should make an on-the-spot investigation from tripartite face: It is to read sincere letter, sincere letter is those who establish a body therefore this, social root, have since ancient times " desire its heart person, first sincere its meaning, meaning sincere after that heart " , the person that just think harbors evil intentions at the group character, it may be said " an evil member of the herd " had not been also! 2 it is to see professional morality, professional personal integrity is gotten namely to professional sale person " employer " one of important chip that Jing looks at, professional morality body is mixed in the spirit of the individual that respect property now inspect the state of mind with company sovereign profit; 3 it is to see responsibility heart, only the person of sense of responsibility, ability will be responsible to the family, ability will be responsible to the friend, ability will be responsible to the company, ability will be responsible to the society, just think is unaccountable who dare use the person of the heart.   

The 2nd: Individual ability. Individual ability basically looks from 3 respects, it is to communicate harmonious government ability, sale occupational is the biggest character is with various people or constituent contact with, how you are communicated with the person, how to go coordinating such with in that way the relation between, how to go running the group below your client, your channel or you, this needs stronger communication to coordinate administrative ability; 2 it is observation analyses decision-making ability, market opportunity and menace are in, competitor weak force and advantage are in, how do oneself face all sorts of located environments to make correct decision-making, this has extraordinary observation to analyse decision-making ability with respect to need; 3 it is ability of plan organization control, "Everything stands beforehand, do not abandon beforehand " , vicissitude of the market is at the twinkling of an eye, this has the capacity of the vicissitude of the market that drive a slave with respect to need. (can refer to the author to transmit a net to publish in Chinese sale about the Xiu Lian of sale staff capacity " the ability of successful sale personnel promotes -- skill piece " )  
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