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Contemporary restaurant chooses bear the method of the operator that rent a bale
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Of short duration does not have brief introduction 3, the condition that owner requires to offer

1, the building installation project of the project is checked and accept through complete, finish common the facilities facilities installation of the project is debugged move;

2, the building that rent or sends packet of item has property right card (land access card, house property card) ;

3, what plan to rent or deliver packet of project and principal part is common engineering equipment circumstance (water supply, report, steam, fuel, air conditioning system, phone, computer, TV, monitoring, fire extinguishing system, parking space, the environmental protection system such as station of catchment and water treatment, rubbish, cesspool, afforest, the logistics establishment such as employee dining-room, change clothes, shower. )

4, water supply, report, light vapour of gas, fuel, heating power, air conditioning and metric watch installation to arrive door;

5, offer the building plan that rent or sends packet of part and relevant share and plan of of all kinds cop.

4, both sides needs to negotiate specific item

1, lease or contract period. General need Party B invests fixed assets, if decorate, management equipment, considering investment risk and interest, deadline is longer, 5~10 year for first phase; Need not fixed assets invests, deadline is in 1~5 inside year.

2, hire or contract gold. Hire or contract golden price, the reasonable redound that can press investment year the hire that number will come postpone for many years of face of cipher out unit, month, day; Also can fix a price by market level, or public action bids or ask mark views demarcate price. The getaway that fixes a price to be decided first the first year valence, after considering again price of a few years.

3, pay time and means. General Party B hopes to after be being used first, pay, from the angle of Party A, considering investment seasonable, safety reclaims, appropriate chooses the principle that uses after prepaid money, and pay to a year partly ahead of schedule, the situation that avoids to default a paragraph happens.

4, business charter and of all kinds business certificate. Generally speaking, save trouble of Party B graph and convenient, hope Party A offers business charter and of all kinds business certificate. And Party A considers safety and duty, do not wish to offer commonly, and proper motion of requirement Party B is dealt with, but the fundamental data that provides place to need, if project approving approves complete of article, project,check and accept batch of article (building qualitative inspect, fire control, environmental protection) , property right card.

5, the contract expires or terminate a contract ahead of schedule, to the agreement of relevant matters concerned. If continue to cooperate, won't have issue, not better than is right of original provision friendly talk things over perfect. If cooperate no longer, the belongings processing that involves needs to make clear, avoid issue, facilities of the adornment that throws like Party B, facilities, whether to manage used article to demolish, take away? Do not demolish, take away, how convert into money? How to turn over normally, and do not affect continue to do business? Etc.
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