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Sale breaks regulation namely
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Of short duration expands the market sale of level without brief introduction, as card games, this moment, the card on enterprise hand is a few more than primary level, but insufficient still have more than needed. The business should have played this skill card, want likewise with strange get the upper hand of, do not give a shop sign by constant manage, do not give a shop sign by regulation, want to break regulation, just be card games ace.

If allow a child and an adult competition, and should win, how to compare?

Compare effort with adult, the child is inferior to for certain; Compare with adult strong, the child still is inferior to; Run than high jump with adult far, the child still is inferior to; Compare with adult knowledgeability, the child is inferior to likewise.

What should the child compare with adult? Can jump out groovy thinking, otherer than the dot.

Can build building blocks with adult comparing, compare imagination with adult, compare cry with adult, compare with adult lovely. If such comparing, it is the child wins likely.

You look, change regulation a little, change relative spot, need to turn gently only, was defeated by winning balance to change active change to regular beyond.

Enterprise as much such, in sale, should find change regulation that is nodded, make triumphal balance tilts to oneself, do oneself only most adept thing, the place that is good at game regulation to oneself tilts, you with respect to within one's grasp of confidence in victory.

The target pushs: The goal is first, the current situation the 2nd

The person has his inertial thinking, when the enterprise is making his long-term strategy program and year sale plan, also be to press groovy thinking to make, see oneself current situation first, will decide a goal again, such target, often did not challenge a gender, did not challenge sexual target, cannot give help the company grows quickly.

Chinese economy arrives all the time now, still put in the scope that a lot of bouncing type expand, if the enterprise is step-by-step, will decide company goal by the current situation, lose the big the main chance of bouncing development easily.

Accordingly, the vision that wants a company puts far drop, target enlarge is nodded, the step is again a bit bigger, a pair of hands that pay no attention to me are able how many thing, where is the chance that asks me first, ask I want to exceed groovy development first.

Meng Niu has a very famous company culture to cry " the target is pushed " . Set out from the target, push reversely act, link step by step, push resource configuration, push time allocation, link strategic tactics, link methodological method, cultivate the recruit soldiers after banner first, arriving in basket also is dish, from without accomplish have.

"The target is pushed " the marrow that captured converse thinking, avoided to set out from existing natural resources, to push act, the thinking means of consolidate step by step, also avoided to press the ending of groovy and slow progress.
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