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Contemporary restaurant chooses bear the method of the operator that rent a bale
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Of short duration develops as the development of our country economy without brief introduction, contemporary hotel industry also grows flourishingly. Restaurant investor from before onefold invest by state-owned, collective unit, development becomes the numerous form such as capital of business of foreign capital, stock, civilian battalion. The management means of restaurant is managed from single before whose investment, also develop the management pattern of a variety of means. Actually, a lot of restaurant investor are willing to manage restaurant him principal part, the bag outside form a complete set or the project with management big difficulty is managed, rent even manage. But how to carry out rent the bag outside mixing to manage? How to choose bear hire operator and contract operator? A lot of owner feel at a draught have no way begins.

One, the benefit of different management kind and fraud

Current, the management means that uses normally has 4 kinds.

It is oneself are managed namely by restaurant possessory have all investment and him management. Such doing unified and can unified command, harmonious, unified run, benefit the brand at making oneself; Market situation is good, manage proper, accrual is highest. But also have corrupt practice, basically be early days person, money, content investment is large, if manage undeserved or market situation is bad, management risk is big, management person pressure is great.

2 it is to be rented entirely manage namely restaurant is rented manage, it is Jia Yishuang just is signed rent management contract, party A rents the content that rent Party B; Party B is in rent period inside pay rent to Party A by contract agreement; Party B has use, right of administration and responsibility of assume sole responsibility for its profits or losses to renting content; Party A retains ownership to renting content. The content that rent is the building after Party A is checked and accept through complete, common commonly engineering facilities facilities, also can contain already decorated ending building by management standard, or contain manage used establishment device, both sides of specific You Jiayi decides according to actual condition. Advantage is only the building after complete checks and accept qualification and main and common engineering facilities facilities is rented, party A decorate and can run installation cost of leave out restaurant, also need not make management plan, need not invite applications for a job and groom employee, still but leave out organization expenses; Party B is managed successful, party A has income of more extended stable rental, need not hold practice to manage the heart of success or failure; Gains is steadier, can avoid uncertain market risk; Party B is independent legal person assumes economy and legal responsibility alone commonly.
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