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Of short duration does not have brief introduction average person is broken through without method, because he just wants, is not must. Mention before me, want you only must, in fact certain methodical. Have a method successfully certainly, failure also has a reason certainly. If you still do not have a success, because your law has not searched,be right, if you still stay in the current situation at present, the reason that has some of failure certainly you did not detect.

The first reason that I think a person is broken through without method is, the issue that he is considering to he does not want every time. For example has some of person to fear income is insufficient, he is being told every day, in case how does my money do not quite? In case my money is insufficient... when such wanting, had been destined his money is insufficient. Because the thought is a reason, the environment is a result. Your environment is the result of your thought, how do you think so, can get what result.

The loser always loves to seek unsuccessful ground

Always think when a person he himself does not want, he does not have method breakthrough.

Cite a case, I have a first-rate friend, 35 years old, still do not have a girlfriend, I want to introduce a girlfriend to give him all the time. I ask him, if you say the condition,come out, perhaps I can help your recommend.

He says: "The first thought wants to guard. The 2nd behavior wants to open; The 3rd style wants bold. " tell the 4th, he says: "That want femaly to look for me actively ability is OK. " I say: "I see you is to be afraid of be rejected! You think every time when making an appointment with her to go out, what can you think of? " he says: "Have one's mind stuffed with thinks she looks to my complexion, she says not to want, she rejects me... " I say: "Had you thought in case how did she promise to do? " he says: "Without! " I say: "Since want, why to think good? In case ground of her too impatient to wait wants you to phone her, and you did not phone her, be phoned by others she, how does she go out to do with others? Whose loss is this? It is your loss certainly, right incorrect? " he says: "Yes! How don't I have such wanting? " I say: "Because of you already by yours inertial ponder over ring! You are thinking you do not want. You are thinking you do not want..

Ask an expert to help his be determined

Each person has ponder over scotoma, the biggest misfortune is the scotoma that you break through yourself far from possibly to think. Because since be scotoma, with respect to need people of have the aid of coachs you. A lot of barriers are set to be restricted by the scotoma place that ego ponders over in fact.

Very much big company retains foreign adviser. Not be ab extra bonze meeting recite scriptures, because outside person is OK,see a thing from different point of view however, this appearance solves the effect of the problem to be able to have been compared.
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