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Meal product sells a plan
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Of short duration does not have brief introduction one, meal product sells statistic -- the foundation that meal product sale forecasts
Selling statistic is the share number of the sale that records dining-room dish with written form. The complex rate that sells statistic depends on the utility of the detailed pitch of the amount of dining-room management breed, information and information.
(one) original record
Concerned consumer orders the quantitative notes of dish, the meal salesperson that basically comes from meal forefront -- dining-room clerk. The concerned information that the person that dining-room clerk is accepting repast orders dishes (sign of dish name, price, heft, station) the record is in " dot menu " on (Captain ' S Order) . Nod the information that menu place records, must complete, clear, accurate. These information can be gotten from the following way normally.
1, the instant statistic of the member that receive silver
Dining-room receives silver the dot menu that accepting a clerk to deliver, open have dinner bill while, the selling quantity that should have made all sorts of cooked food is recorded. This kind of information can be recorded in beforehand good dish sale records card to go up.
The characteristic of this kind of method is: Information is collected seasonable, need not technical staff makes special count again after data accumulative total, do not need to raise additional artificial cost. But the member that should receive silver must make good record thoroughly.
2, receive count of postprandial after the event
The member receive silver of some dining-room is become the portfolio when the class is large, the job is too busy, have not enough time to make statistical work. Can be after every eat end the point single cross of account of menu along with gives financial department, before statistical method is like. But this kind of form relatively between take time.
3, computer statistic
At present computer has entered restaurant the business government of each respect. Use computer to undertake meal sells statistical work, need computer itself has corresponding business management software. Its characteristic is quick, seasonable.
(2) the collect of information and use
Meal is in about administrator after getting meal to sell statistical data, can choose different kind these data collect. Common collect method is as follows:
1, press management date collect
Alleged press management date collect, it is will daily sale statistic data had discharged by calendar date, weekly or every months of row gives on a piece of paper collect.
The action of method of this kind of collect is as follows:
(1) trend of reflective dish total sale and trend of each dish sale, can predict next week, the dish sales volume of next month and morrow, facilitate exceedingly produces scheduling.
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