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Open restaurant reducing weight: thin others " fat " oneself
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Of short duration opens restaurant reducing weight without brief introduction: thin others " fat " oneself

Doing poineering work is the hope of a lot of people, nevertheless scan widely looks, appear nowadays every industry somebody is being done, always let a person feel slower than others one pace, it do not know what to do is good to do not know what to do. And actually market saturation is exterior phenomenon merely, want to be dug attentively only actually, still can find very much poineering opportunity. What meal industry competes is intense it is well-known, look alertly, have start business of hotel, restaurant everyday almost, be to cannot find poineering opportunity inside meal industry so? Not, the market resembles sponge, want you to use a heart only, still come between can crowded clean. Chen Wu, the poineering train of thought that he gave everybody to bring him -- thematic sex cafeteria reducing weight.   

Poineering thinking  

"Civilian it is a day in order to feed " this adage had circulated very long. But the changes as the society, want to be inside meal industry nowadays base oneself upon, besides abundant financing has distinctive technology even. Dish of plain dish, another name for Guangdong Province, Lu Cai... people thinkable dish can be found on the ave of metropolis. Nevertheless Chen Wu observes discovery through long market, whole Urumqi although cafeteria is bristly but can let special crowd can enjoy cate to be able to achieve stated goal cafeteria to be done not have however again already. Chen Wu considered for ages to this, why inside so prosperous theme cafeteria, is Urumqi done not have however? Run investigation company, visit Urumqi many 100 many 20 hospital, beauty parlour reducing weight, the time of 2 months, run bad 3 pairs of shoes, final Chen Wu is sturdier and sturdier a belief -- the restaurant that opens the home to give priority to a problem in order to reduce weight. He thinks with Urumqi 4, the fat crowd of 50 thousand is main client group, reduce weight as cafeteria special sell a site, the business affirms flourishing.  

Management strategy

The project was found, chen Wu comes down without idle however, beginning to inspect inn site again, make a budget. How does ability let people come to this cafeteria, and like come be consumed in inn? Chen Wu expends idea thinking. Place cannot too slant, such people cannot be found; Luxurious a sector of an area, shopping centre is improper also, accept capital restriction above all, next still people bears of ability restrict. "Cafeteria reducing weight, consuming a target still basically is female and children, and the middleaged man of good-paying. " the investigation that passes 2 many months, chen Wu already very mastered among them crucial factor explicitly. Optional location should be in large community and high-grade and recreational area or it is hospital periphery, such ability consume a group to reveal to the key, crucial consumption group is accepted. Chen Wu made a decision. Running politic side, the cafeteria of thematic sex, main goal is fat crowd, so be about naturally on food to distinguish at common cafeteria, cannot contain the element that send fertilizer, make food delicate even, ability lets people can achieve the goal that enjoys cate can reduce weight again. Can enlarge consumptive group in average crowd even, can satisfy the body already after all normal demand, everybody hopes to get healthy diet. "So must the distinctive dish that reduce weight is tasted, seafood is for instance Lenten wait for series fascia dish, will draw specific consumptive crowd. " Chen Wu says. In addition Chen Wu still assigned a few weight in inn implement, arrange technical staff to be in charge of making a record to the client, wait for information like weight, date, phone, establish client record, make a specific cookbook reducing weight help a client achieve a goal.  
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