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Performance of our country medium and small businesses assesses problem analysis
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Of short duration develops prospect without medium and small businesses of brief introduction our country very capacious, but most enterprise still lies period of management by experience, did not enter science management phase truly. The article emphasizes the performance in discussing its manpower resource to manage to examine the issue that the respect exists, the function that points out performance is assessed and action play do not come out, bring about benefit of medium and small businesses general poorer, analysed medium and small businesses and the impact that performance assesses and pertinent question place, offerred the countermeasure proposal that medium and small businesses develops.
Performance is people place do organize a target together relevant, considerable those who measure, have the action that can evaluate element, these behavior have active or negative effect to individual or constituent efficiency. Performance assessment, collect namely, the process of the news state of affairs of analysis, evaluation and the working action performance that deliver concerned some individual to go up in its work station and working result respect. Performance evaluates one of significant administrative steps that are considered as enterprise innovation value in the west, and of the person that business management had be notted cause in our country enough take seriously. Our country enterprise still is facing a lot of problems in process of mode of manpower endowment source control, manage medium performance to assess a respect to still have the place that a lot of need improve in manpower resource especially. 
Medium and small businesses is in 1. effect of developing of society of our country economy is increasingly main 
1.1 medium and small businesses already made significant economic point of growth, it is to drive the _ that economy of our country countryman grows to raise fundamental strength. Most statistical number makes clear, the whole nation is industrial and commercial register the medium and small businesses that register to occupy 99% what register a business entirely, tax of profit of gross value of industrial output of medium and small businesses, sales revenue, implementation occupies gross 3 times respectively 60% , 57% with 40% ; Grow quickly in the economy since 90 time in, industry increases production value newly 76.7% come from medium and small businesses; Current domain medium and small businesses occupies the 90% above of countrywide retail site; In recent years medium and small businesses offers there are 60% aboves in exporting total. 
1.2 medium and small businesses are to alleviate the important channel of obtain employment pressure. In recent years, reorganization as economic structural adjustment and state-owned company strength is increased, medium and small businesses is not state ownership medium and small businesses to induct obtain employment especially again of obtain employment " reservoir " effect is more apparent; In induct find a place for personnel of billabong of state-owned company come off sentry duty and respect of move of power of rural surplus labor have main effect. 
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