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Of sale chief inspector grow 6 law
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Of short duration is felt in sale domain without brief introduction climb roll revolve eye already 4 years of time, for this professional sale person to seize every minute, should not calculate a very short cycle, after-thought bosom puts 2000 yuan of money to go out the passion of have one's bosom filled with when entering the end of the world and from a small article table member a variety of part commutation to general manager of chief inspector of concoctive manager, selling manager, market, sale, of the doodle that the professional career that I do not mature this still spreads out inadvertently like a pair make, make my friend and colleague steep also give birth to curiosity a few minutes, act on " cast a brick to attract jade-offer a few commonplace remarks by way of introduction so that others may come up with valuable opinions " communication state of mind, the gain and loss that comes to oneself a few years then is taken discuss, hope can much on the person of the same trade's road voice is resonant only.

One of law: The advantage wear oneself a dagger

Archaism says: The person grows somewhat, art has specialize in. It is with author oneself exemple, from small like to write keep a picture, a bit bigger when, literal strength begins be good at, when campus moves toward a society, work of hundreds literature, news comes loose see each are big the press, also had sought in classmate and ripe philtrum " young skilful writer " title. Be in then " write " and " offer a idea " these two respects have some of contented quite, the first year when have a job, I go to calculating company of too small this locality ad to apply for the member that make proposal of article of a part-time job, fortunately, surname when bright red when the market of editing and rearrangement of a few big work that the manager sees I am taken out, gave me the chance. From this, I say from others place " leg of beautiful fist embroider " in start, the table of article of planar advertisement compose that tastes for estate, food, medicines and chemical reagents, health care, there is results to also have failure during, but what also did not think of even myself is, because,be this can " write " and the distinct advantage that form, oneself taste the contest in thousands of applicant of the enterprise to hire a success in health care of one famous medicine, took him throughout history top monthly pay 2200 yuan, kill abruptly taste an industry into medical health care, enter field of right sale actual combat.

Be based on this paragraph of experience, the author thinks, in the professional career of sale person, should understand oneself dominant position above all, form oneself core competition ability with the advantage of oneself. In the part that need not be him fixed position some secure immediately at this moment and type of work, because all people and thing are in constant development change, perhaps making article table plan today, begin likely also tomorrow to want to learning to make a sale from the beginning, important is, each sale person should be reasonable, the person that what oneself have to let friend, colleague, ranking leader and periphery after all is worth the thing of commend, these " thing " the fortune that is you, it is a when you want an its wear sharp above all good steel. As to " grind a knife " process, completely OK because of the person different, we can find different version in the either experience extract in a lot of sale group friends, believe to want to perserve only and master skill gradually, each sale people can fasten a good knife when setting foot on those who ask for Xu, and this also is sure the knife to be each sale person to dissection to together the cut of good luck, have the basic technical ability of ghostwrite fight closely in in the future profession career!
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