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Weak situation of hotel industry character and industry
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Of short duration does not have brief introduction (one) hotel industry is characteristic
1. The dispersive sex that restaurant distributings. Because the dispersive sex of market demand and restaurant must realize production, exchange and consumption in seat, accordingly, restaurant supply is in the disperse sex feature that has a space to distributing substantially. Look from economic angle, the aeriform sex that hotel industry place has, oneness, impartible cut the feature such as the gender, decided it is different from those production, carry, the industry with sale, detached consumption, it cannot choose to organize production in the optimum place, cost with lowest, transfer its product different land sale, or through increasing inventory and output of increase and decrease to adjust supply and demand contradicts, it must depend on the discharge of passenger source market and flow direction highly. The dispersive sex of hotel industry is not cannot come true through unifinication much better the cost effectiveness advantage of economic dimensions, it is the approach that it takes should accord with its industry feature only, namely the ground of unifinication process more of hotel industry with different ground transverse combination means comes true. Be in our country, because have restaurant amount oneself more, they are drawing obtain employment strength, reduce enterprise or business the advantage on the charge such as unit interior board and lodging, make invest hotel industry to become a few enterprises to begin the first choice that diversity manages, the height that causes hotel property occurrence owner to go up is dispersive feature.
2. Region market feature. The sex of on the spot that restaurant product supplies and the sex of on the spot that restaurant product consumes, those who decided the supply and demand of hotel industry is put in the city only is local and balanced, of nonexistent whole nation or complete province overall and balanced, inside same area, the supply exceeds demand of a city cannot make up for another city demand exceeds supply. The government should go after a city on industry government local and balanced will come true overall and balanced.
3. The easy sex that hotel industry enters. Difference of the dimensions economy that makes an industry enter an obstacle, product is changed, cost of capital demand, changeover, cent sells policy of channel, raw material and technical advantage, government to wait, in hotel trade investment, all form a barrier hard. Then, the person that hotel industry joins in is ceaseless emerge in large numbers, new restaurant investor pounded original operator not only, force its product value drops or immanent cost raises, reduce a trade gain profit ability, some areas return evolution to compete into malign price, cause industry dominant position to be weakened further, lose the scale that develops the unifinication that gives priority to body with transverse combination to expand capacity. Be in our country, it is not difficult that other industry is transferred to hotel industry, having a lot of hotel among them is of all kinds enterprise or business the unit uses what oneself land is built or become original establishment.
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