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Feature of hotel industry barrier - the market barrier that Yi Jin removes hard
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Of short duration enters camp without brief introduction is to show a kind of industry is medium, original company posture enters the dominant position of the enterprise to be in at going. From general industry enter camp to look, the directest camp has 4 kinds: Economy of diversity of absolutely cost advantage, product, dimensions and peculiar resource. From investment behavior looks, enter camp to include structural sex to enter sex of camp, behavior to enter camp and policy sex to enter camp 3 kinds big. Structural sex enters camp to include camp of absolutely cost advantage, dimensions economy camp, capital to measure doorsill camp and product diversity camp, behavior sex enters camp to include to prevent enter behavior and drive adversary action, policy sex enters camp more it is to be aimed at foreign investor.

(one) structural sex enters camp
1. Restaurant dimensions enters camp low. The dimensions economy of product or service can form the barrier that enters an industry, when forcing the new person that join to enter some industry in the consideration, make a choice from inside the condition of be in a dilemma: Or enters this industry with big scale of production, and the investment with this larger need, increase entered difficulty thereby, and should risk the existing business boycotts strongly risk in the industry; Or enters this industry with minor scale of production, but must bear the inferior position with exorbitant cost. In the industry of existence dimensions economy, the lowermost economy dimensions of the manufacturer is taller, jump over into introductory cage tall, potential entrant is entered hard more.
2. Doorsill of restaurant investment fund is medium. Restaurant attributes run-of-mill fund concentrated model industry, in the fixed assets that our country brigade parades course of study is had, about 90% for hotel assets. Be like 2000, assets of hotel of countrywide concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals is 25 317 492.61 10 thousand yuan, average restaurant of every concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals invests 2 415 10 thousand yuan, can see restaurant invests to ask to capital not tall.
3. Technology and product diversity camp are low. In a lot of industries, already some enterprises may be in by right of its oneself the advantage that get raw material or has the side such as technical patent, have distinctive technology and core competition capacity when the enterprise especially when, set a barrier for potential entrant. Hotel industry forms technical barrier hard, have technical hotel industry to book system, asset management system truly can very buy easily from the market obtain; Restaurant product diversity can carry a district only, astral class and type will distinguish, line of business of our country restaurant is small and complete function feature makes serious hasten is the same as restaurant product.
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