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What to take to save 5 stars mark
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Of short duration does not have brief introduction weak gain meeting, famous city meets meeting, Jin Qia... September is the fastigium that Nanjing can exhibit, hotel industry also greeted a busy season. But Jiangsu business newspaper investigates discovery, valence does not have the room of hotel of 5 stars class of Nanjing to go up because of this tone, the price between the standard is in 500 ~ 750 yuan between, hotel of class of some 5 stars drops even defeat 500 yuan. It is cheap that such price compares the coequal city such as Hangzhou generally 200 ~ 500 yuan, differ with the city such as Shanghai more, also want with the city that do not have stannum than provincial Suzhou even low on one big chunk.

Why to meet between the standard of hotel of 5 stars class of Nanjing so low? How can you just walk out of price basin?

The price of Shanghai is Nanjing 3 times much

Jiangsu business newspaper shows from the result that carries the website of domestic business affairs such as dragon of Cheng, E to inquire, the price between standard of hotel of 5 stars class basically is in Nanjing 500 ~ 750 yuan between. The hotel with top price is gold-rimmed benefit happy event will enter a public house, the price on the net is at ordinary times 768 yuan, on the weekend 558 yuan. The price exceeds or be close to 700 yuan at ordinary times still have golden hill hotel (748 yuan) , hotel of imperial crown of live abroad grand (738 yuan) , and big public house of international of Nanjing dimension scene (698 yuan) , big public house of Ding Shan garden (688 yuan) . Other hotel prices fluctuate in 500 yuan, round-the-world, Gu Na mixes Su Ning the price of restaurant of incredible connecting with the boxing skill even under 500 yuan, have 498 yuan only. Subsequently, the reporter books the price between the bid that referred each hotel through the phone again, discover and do not have too much difference, although compare tower above of the price on the net 349, most hotel also can negotiate the price that goes up with the net to be entered.

Compare Nanjing, the price of hotel of 5 stars class of Shanghai is gotten high breathtaking. The price between the mark of famous public house will exceed a lot of international September 2000 yuan. If Pudong is sweet,the price between mark of case lira hotel is as high as 2750 yuan, big public house of Jin Maojun Yue also achieved 2400 yuan. Big public house of Hilton and Xin Yashang's official also achieved 1900 yuan to mix 1800 yuan respectively. This price is price of Nanjing coequal hotel 3 times much.

Although be compared with photograph of congener city Hangzhou, nanjing hotel price still wants low give 200 ~ 500 yuan. If Hangzhou is sweet,the price between the mark of case lira is 1050 yuan, price of hotel of square of national big Lei Disen is as high as 1200 yuan. It is adv unimaginably that so high price is in Nanjing. The Suzhou with provincial Jiangsu and the city that do not have stannum, value of room of 5 stars class is not less than Nanjing tower above also. Those who be like Suzhou is medium the price between hotel of holiday of mattress imperial crown and mark of sweet case lira is 1021 yuan, the Buddhist nun fills price of 10 thousand beautiful hotels to be as high as 1400 yuan, and the near future already was not had the room can be ordered. The hotel price that does not have stannum is some lower than Suzhou, happy event will ascended old hotel price to also exceed 1000 yuan, it is 1035 yuan, lakeside restaurant is 960 yuan, want tower above than Nanjing many.
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