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Recieve in the hotel downstage specific what to do?
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One, the main content that register:

1. Get guest individual data;

2. The contented guest requirement to guest room and house price;

3. Deal with the formalities that register;

2, the purpose that register:

1. Make restaurant gets the important information of concerned guest;

2. Assign room and calm room value for the guest;

3. Affirmatory guest expects the date that leaves store;

3, 5 when enter the unit process of cargo bandling that register main ideas:

1. Collect a data-------Restaurant is being entered concerned guest is collected to ask in the process that register, expect date leaving store, terms of payment reachs individual setting data;

2. Cent room fixes a price-------Assign guest room and calm room value;

3. Credit limit-------Restaurant is spent according to guest payment and restaurant credit quota system, the specified amount that decides guest enjoys credit is spent;

4. Offer room plan-------Hotel foundation can offer room condition, guest expects date leaving store, utmost ground sells guest room;

5. Control flow-------Divide room and price process through registering program adjustment and control restaurant;

4, the affirmatory content of registration form:

1. What want guest room number and bed number;

2. Predict to linger time;

3. Payment;

4. The guest's full name and address;

5, the principle that the attention answers in the process that register:

1. The allocation of guest room and price can be a foundation for guest room state with restaurant;

2. Enter room value should show to the guest when registering, and ask a guest to sign;

6, assign room and calm room value:

Allocate the room undertakes at the same time with the conduction accommodation formalities that register, when allocating a room, want the different characteristic according to the passenger, want the particular case of guest room of sue for peace;

1. To VIP guest, it is better to should be arranged commonly or luxurious room;

2. To general guest, come loose especially guest, because they live the purpose of restaurant each different, want to specific aim ground does the good work that divide a room, for example: The guest of deal, not quite sensitive to the discretion of house price, can arrange a room cost is higher, but quieter room; And go vacationing the guest can arrange the room with room inferior value;

3. To party guest, should arrange as far as possible in same layer building, the room standard that guest place stays also wants identical, go to the lavatory already so guest activity, be helpful for managing again;

4. To the aged, visitor that disable or leads a child, general arrangement is in low layer floor, leave the room with information desk or closer workshop, so that take care of;
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