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Genial smile is the best weapon that wins a guest
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The first weapon that serves personnel is smile. The genial smile that serves personnel can make up for the inadequacy that he gets on in service skill. Every service personnel should train him seriously, want a face to bring a smile not only, and should make oneself smile is full of glamour. The training method of smile introduces below.
(1) before standing in the mirror, make oneself are loosened as far as possible;
(2) static next hearts come, close an eye;
(3) the experience before the memory in brains and very happy thing, recollect the mood in those days, let it come out now again, make oneself very happy;
(4) the muscle that loosens a face to go up, naturally smiles, make naturally of this kind of expression maintains come down;
(5) open an eye, in seeing a mirror again oneself, this is the most natural smile.
Be reminded to cross smile to owe the person of beautiful by others, should practice repeatedly according to afore-mentioned methodological actively more, improve from already smile.

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