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Esteem guest is equal to esteem to serve give up eccentricity
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Addiction expresses a kind of special love, eccentricity nature is bad strange habit and fondness for. Everybody can have a few such eccentricity, whats don't some moment have, but to the clerk character, a lot of bad eccentricity must give up. "Brothers back eye takes addiction " , a lot of National People's Congress won't understand this without exception is what eccentricity. This is the defect that generalized service personnel to let a guest feel uncomfortable and eccentricity, such writing is to be facilitating memory.
(1) back -- the pose when welcoming a visitor
The pose that carries unbend on the back is very beautiful it seems that. When bar, is the back recumbent post or wall?
bend forward move does the back welcome a visitor? Have bit of fat person, if do not receive an abdomen, looking like is to sit on the chair, proudly stretch one's legs is admired backward like. Still have, the shoulder if too forcibly, can let a person feel very curt; Too loosen, can let a person feel brokenhearted. Notice oneself pose please.
(2) eye -- the line of sight that notices oneself please
Those who serve unripe line of sight is different, can make the guest's feeling has very big different. Glare have sth in mind looks, or look not to see the other side and from the top down look the other side up and down, meet your person to feel uneasy. Answering correctly is to smiling to watch opposite party with downy look.
(3) hand
The movement on the hand is crucial, when salute or standing, if the hand is moved,will move go can letting a person feel to a string of 1 bright become. Additional, both hands fork is before the bosom, or put in pants bag to wait to be able to make a guest grouchy, the feeling is sick. The attention does not make a guest malcontent to you.
(4) sufficient
Pulling a leg to walk, the sound that clip-clop clip-clop gives out when perhaps walking is bad. If walk the pose is beautiful, agile, let a person feel atmosphere can become naturally also bright and clear rise.
(5) take -- notice dress
Dress button was dropped, have a ruffle, whether dirty, had washed seriously. Should the cleanness that nurturance carries him dress, often check the habit of own dress. Apparel convenient, do not give a person a kind of lift up or let down with a rope bright the sensation that become.
(6) addiction -- amiss?
Oneself also did not feel some defect. A lot of females like to often comb the hair that does oneself,
Be willing to be being placed with little finger head very much plunge into string for binding a plait. A few days ago an air hostess of a restaurant, chronic ground is taking a glass with the hand, little finger head is placing short-haired pelt towel, the guest sees cup and towel, the feeling is very sick, he feels to seem is you used towel like. This kind of not self-conscious behavior lets a guest feel unpleasantness. Consult to oneself good friend, oneself have the trouble with bad what. If have, correct please.
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