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Sacred trouble - 5 big meal consume consumer problem
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-- 5 big meal consume consumer problem
Everybody knows consumer is sacred, it seems that god is a god, actually, this god also returns consumer really bad to become, trouble all the same fascicular.

Vexed one: Want to pay fee from the water that take wine, the tone is harsh bully energy of life is full
Trouble an index: ★ ★
Trouble a symptom: A is born to have a meal to some seafood wine shop with the colleague. Between banquet, a is born to just took the lane of two bottles of well that one's previous experience takes, the clerk comes over to say to stipulate the client must not carry wine water oneself inside inn, a lays the wine that insists to want drink to be taken oneself, the clerk expresses to set by dining-room, must pay 5 yuan fee opening bottle, be about otherwise oneself open him pour. A is unripe outstanding, the discovery when checkout " cost opening bottle " appear on bill awesomely.
Trouble pathology: 6 become above " sacred " express to won't be complained to relevant section accordingly or be informed against. After all, this kind of provision is too common. But this shows is numerous consciousness of consumer rights and interests is more fragile.
Discharge irritated solution care: Consumer arrives inn have dinner, authority rejects a hotel to compare high wine water price and his to trade, choose other spending pattern thereby. Hotel however home remedy prohibits the client carries wine water oneself, the own option that eliminated a client apparently and fairness trade authority. Consumer encounters this state not to answer inactive thought fors the time being, and should adopt legal measure or complain to the Consumer's Committee will uphold the right, or dial a telephone 12315 recourse.

Vexed 2: Businessman tenderness laughs at an eye to slaughter one knife again
Trouble an index: ★ ★ ★
Trouble a symptom: A lot of dining-room between the festival can be done " buy 100 send 50 " activity of and so on, use acting gold certificate next time when consumer when, can suffer again " this certificate can be used in a certain period of time inside a day only " , " this certificate is only right ad hoc dish or special offer dish are useful " the prevaricate that waits for reason, and the businessman can point to " this certificate explains authority puts in this inn 's charge all " , more one is assured and bold with justice.
Trouble pathology: Return ticket gewgaw, moisture is very big. Returning ticket after all is kind of sales promotion behavior, have on favourable acceptance concealment certainly quality. Certificate of businessman faintness cash scope of application, can have caustic oneself business praise.
Discharge irritated solution care: As a result of cash certificate concealment quality, answer to ask clear sales promotion entire content before repast so, decide to whether attend again after the sales promotion state that knows a businessman adequately, otherwise, cash certificate flower does not go out, or stick more fund spending again, it is to the loss outweights the gain more.
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